A Mini Haul Of Sorts & Some Gifts

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So as I told you'll earlier, I have been travelling a lot lately and though it I grumble and it is tiring...what's travelling without a little bit of shopping? :P
So here are a few things I got (in the very little time I had..but hey! One has to shop even if you get half an hour..)

  • A Mango Sling (I ruined my old sling and was desperately looking for a good one, this was definitely over budget, but it looked so good I couldn't stop myself)
  • Maybelline Colossal Mascara Washable (since I have been using The Falsies Waterproof one, I needed to get a washable mascara for all those days when I feel lazy..this just comes off with water which is such a life saver! You know what I mean right?)
  • A compact mirror (I broke one and lost one..this one is plain black, nothing fancy, but it is so sleek, just fits in my pocket).
  • A sort of blingy geometric neckpiece from Westside (I am trying to incorporate some bling into my wardrobe which I realised recently is quite boring. I know this one isn't blingy blingy..but small baby steps to get out of the comfort zone)
  • Rings from Accessorize for Smriti (she loves them).
  • Fabindia Rose Facial Mist (cannot do without it!! This would be my 3rd bottle. I love this one). 
  • Schwarzkopf OSis+ Flatliner Iron Serum. Had to get this one since a long time now.. I can start to see the heat damage on my hair. Although the spray nozzle broke while travelling :( 
  • Zara Black Amber EDT (loved the smell so much! Got 2 :P)
  • Colorbar Eye Brushes (smudger, blending and eyeshadow).
  • MAC 217 (this one was on my list since so so long. Finally got it. Yaay!)
  • A Maybelline Lipstick and sunglasses from Accessorize (forgot to click those). 
  • Plus some footwear from Kolkata (which I will show you girls some other day. When in Kolkata you must go shopping to places like Metro and BK market! They have so many great stuff and use your bargaining skills to the maximum!)

Now, coming to the gifts..you know the people who love you really know you when they get you amazing stuff from places you love :) :) 

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