Maybelline HyperSharp Liner : Review

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For as long as I have known the only eyeliner in my stash was the Lakme Insta Liner. I had been using that one since I was 15. Two years back, I bought the L'Oreal gel liner (which I will review soon..promise). 
So, finally my Lakme bottle got over. I was so bored with it and badly wanted to try out something new and that's why the Maybelline HyperSharp liner came home with me and it has been receiving a lot of love lately :) 

Maybelline HyperSharp Liner Review

It comes in a sleek black felt pen packaging with a metallic gold cap. At first, the tip would seem like a felt tip pen, but if you look closely, it is actually a brush with densely packed bristles (I hope you can make that out in the photo below) which together form a super fine tip.

Maybelline HyperSharp Liner Review

The brush tip as I mentioned earlier, is very fine and sharp. There is a lot you can do with this liner..most importantly draw ultra sharp, thin fine lines!! (do I sense a lot of you smiling? :)
For all the subtle makeup lovers, this is a such a boon. You can easily draw the thinnest of lines, really really close to the lash line. can also get super crisp well defined wings too!
Of course, you can draw thicker lines as well, you just need to go over it a few times, until you achieve the desired thickness. It will take a little longer to get thicker lines with this one, but yes you can do it. 

Coming to the pigmentation, it is good. Not the darkest of the blacks yes, (like you get with your gel liners). But with 2 swipes you get a reasonably dark intensity. 
Another good thing about the Hypersharp is that it dries quickly, to a smudge proof finish. The finish it not completely matte nor is it too glossy..and gives a very nice look. I have worn it for around 7 hours pretty well.
It is water resistant, but not completely water proof and comes off a bit after vigourous rubbing when moist/wet. (do not go swimming wearing it okay?)

One if the biggest pros is that a pen style liner gives a lot more precison and control and hence it is very easy to use even for beginners. I find it super easy for everyday use as well (not that i wear eyeliner daily). You eyes will be lined in a few seconds with it. It is also more affordable than the other pen style liners available in the market so far. 
These type of liners do tend to dry up soon, but since mine is quite new, I will update you girls after a few months (I hope it doesn't dry up too soon *Fingers crossed*)

Maybelline HyperSharp Liner Review, Maybelline HyperSharp Liner swatch

Price : 375 INR

I would totally recommend this one. A beginner with liners? Get this one. Like subtle liners? Get this one. Fan of the pretty winged liner? Get this one. (Maybelline should pay me for advertising it :P)
It creates everything with such ease and super quick. It is not completely waterproof and the blackest black, but apart from these 2 issues, it is pretty much awesome. 

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