Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Face Pack : Review

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I would have loved to be an Indian princess. Has anyone seen the latest Forest Essentials advertisement? If that was the pampering regime of the royals then for the love of God I want myself some blue blood!

But reality catches up with you, sooner if you're a hostel student. Oh the troubles of living in a hostel! Pampering yourself is almost non-existent, let alone indulging in expensive skin care on a budget!

And that's why I've been gravitating towards Himalaya for my facewash/facepack solutions. They're good budget buys, with satisfactory results and I'm happy with that :)

  1. It clears clogged pores.
  2. It makes your skin elastic.
  3. It controls blemishes.
  4. It brings out a natural glow.
  5. It cools, smoothens, and rejuvenates!

I remember feeling like giving a standing ovation to all those claims when I first picked it up :D :P

So here's what you do. Moisten your face, slather this on. Experience a massive tingling sensation. Tighten your lips and bear it bravely. Wait for it to dry. Hop to the washbasin and reveal healthier skin.

Notice that I say massive tingling sensation. Also notice that the company warns you about it, because I hadn't. The first time I applied it, the tingling hit me with such force that I nearly had a heart failure thinking I must be having some sort of severe allergic reaction! The pack sat on my face for barely 2 minutes before I vigorously scrubbed it off fervently hoping my face wasn't going to turn raw red :O

It didn't turn red, thank God! It did however, turn yellow o.O I swear it was my scariest experience ever!

But the yellowness was gone in a couple of hours and I breathed a sigh of relief :)

Before you run away from this post, hiding your face behind your fingers, I'd like to introduce you to the goodness of this face pack :D

It really does brighten your skin by removing the seated impurities. Also, my skin feels smoother and softer after applying this. I'm attributing all these qualities to it's cleansing properties.
Immediately after washing it off, my skin appears to be bouncier. I have no other word for it. It looks quite hydrated and fresh. Sadly, I don't know how to preserve this effect for long. I would kill to have skin like that the entire day!

That's the swatch below. The product is a thick yellow paste, and feels silky when you spread it. I use my fingers, but you're welcome to use a face pack brush should you wish to.
Drying takes a while, and try not to panic at the tingly-tingly going on. Washing it off is easy, I use circular motions, but it isn't a scrub and it definitely does not remove blackheads. I suppose with regular application, seeing as it has Mineral Clay, it'll draw out all the dirt and excess sebum, thus preventing the formation of blackheads.

I can't verify the claims of cooling, but everything else is pretty acceptable. Apart from the initial scare, I have never faced any problems with it. Although it does turn me yellow for a short while, I can make my peace with that :)

Price : 130INR for 100g

Try it out if you are looking for a budget-beauty fix. It doesn't get better at this price!


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