Skinn by TITAN Celeste Eau De Parfum for Women : Review

Alluring. Exciting. Chic.
 The white floral notes accentuated with heavenly Jasmine and vibrant Blood Orange speak of a relaxed sensuality. The sharp piquancy of Ginger, the subtlety of Amber and Apricot conjure up a woman of many passions.

Holy..! *sniffs it once, bliss....*

Finding the right fragrance for yourself can be quite the challenge. With so many options at hand, the task is no less than daunting for a newbie like me. I was a happy bird with my loved Reefresh, light and cool to help me breeze through the day. Then I dabbled in Sheer Love and Sensual Blush body mists that were the perfect choice for short rendezvous. I went over the moon when Swati gifted Cool Water to me (which reminds me, I have to review it!!), and I thought my fragrance collection was complete. But one whiff of these Skinn perfumes got me lusting again.

In my twenties, and not even one perfume fit for a lady? Not happening.

And that's how my tryst with Celeste started :)

TITAN Celeste Eau De Parfum review, Titan Celeste review, Titan Skinn reivew

TITAN Celeste Eau De Parfum review, Titan Celeste review, Titan Skinn reivew

The whole range of Skinn perfumes has been designed to suit a variety of personalities. Whether yours is sweet and feminine, musky and mysterious, or fruity and fresh, Titan's got your back.

Here's the story behind Celeste!

Playfulness is in your blood. Your beauty is like the whiff of fresh air on a balmy spring morning. While you wouldn't mind a candle lit dinner, the neighbourhood restaurant with its quiet familiarity is more your thing. You are the woman who loves a fruity fragrance that comes with it. The light, invigorating crispness of a citrusy fragrance transforms you into the bubbly woman who is the life of every place she sets foot on.

Honestly, I'm a lot more that that, but if the base notes of my personality were to be brought out, I think Titan nailed it. What drew me in was how complex, yet balanced the fragrance is. It's like a bottled symphony. I've stated in my earlier posts that cloyingly sweet florals are not my type, neither do I want to smell like a fruit basket. But Celeste, for me, is the perfect blend of fruity and floral, a unique and elegant fragrance.

Top notes : Mandarin, Pear, Ginger, Grapefruit, Blood Orange
Middle notes : Orange Flower, Jasmine, Water Lily, Floral Nectar
Base Notes : Patchouli, Amber, Apricot Nectar, Sandalwood, Musk

The perfume opens with fruity notes which entice and excite the senses. These slowly sheer out, and the florals come to the forefront, enveloping you in an aura of femininity and mystery, and beckon you to enjoy the warm bases that celebrate a woman's alluring beauty and evoke a lingering desire. It's a perfume designed to captivate attention and make you unforgettable. Even Titan says that Celeste is delightfully sinful. Enough said!

TITAN Celeste Eau De Parfum review, Titan Celeste review, Titan Skinn reivew

I have only used 4 spritzes of it at a time, on my collarbones and wrists, and with that it stays for 7 hours on moisturized skin. Sillage is moderate and subtly so, making it ideal for getting noticed but not making you centre of attraction. The feel of the perfume is very soft on the skin, and it is dermatologically tested, hence sensitive beauties need not worry.

In my opinion, this scent is a little.. I won't say mature, but sophisticated. If you're looking for a young flirty feminine fragrance, ideal for casual wear, Celeste isn't your answer. But if you're in the market for a French blend that exemplifies the complexity of a woman with a splash of freshness giving way to more seductive bases, this perfume might just be for you! Read more of what Titan has to say here.

TITAN Celeste Eau De Parfum review, Titan Celeste review, Titan Skinn reivew

Oh, and just another USP, this fragrance was created by Harry Fremont. Google him and you'll see the multitude of high-end brands he has worked with to create some of the most iconic perfumes. Owning a creation of his is purely amazing!

Price : 990 INR for 50 ml, 1790 INR for 100 ml

What do you think of Celeste? Are there any other perfumes you'd like to recommend?

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