My Winter Bath Essentails, 2015!

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Now that the main Winter Essentials are already up (and I hope you have read that post), here's another list of my "Winter Bath Essentials". Dig in! 

With the busy days, I do not have the time to have a luxurious bath every morning. It's usually the run run run kinds. But on days that I have an off, I cannot resist myself from a good pamper. So here are the products that are permanently in my shower caddy for the winter.

1. Festive Body Wash

The Palmolive Crushed Coconut bodywash is such a fantastic one for the winter months! The fuzzy cocoa butter vanilla cupcake like fragrance is just yum! I absolutely love it. I tried it back in 2012 and repurchased it again this year. (Read full review here).
If you aren't too fond of the cocoa fragrance, then you can always opt for more fruity ones by Body Shop. I particularly enjoyed the Cranberry Joy Body Polish.

2. Body Scrub

Get rid those pesky dry flakes with a good nourishing body scrub. Any cream/oil based one would do. I am fond of the Cocoa Body Scrub by TBS, though a sugar scrub based in oil like this one would also work well.

3. Exfoliating Gloves

On days when you need to get done quickly, these exfoliating gloves are super handy. You can get the job done in minutes. Body Shop makes really good ones (in fun colors) and I have seen Forever21 and QVS stock them too (if you are looking for budget options). These gloves are also helpful in getting rid of ingrown hairs.

4. Nivea In Shower Mositurising Skin Conditioner

The lazy persons saviour this one is! I know I skip body lotions every other day. And if you are like me, you need to try this thing. Just use it for a couple of minutes in the shower and you are sorted...most days. Read more here.

5. Body Butter

Of course moisturising is important. And while I do skip it a lot, I am trying to be more strict now. Body butters are just perfect for winters. They are more nourishing and last really long. I do not find the need to reapply often. Loving the TBS Shea Butter these days.

What are your Winter Bath Essentials? Let me know in the comments below! 

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