My Winter Essentials, 2015!

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After the What's in my Summer Bag post, I am back again with the Winter Edit! I know that it has been a long time, but I love doing posts like these and I promise that henceforth such posts will be more regular...since you all like them too :) :)

winter must haves, the winter edit

1. Knits

You cannot think of getting by the cold season without some warm knits. I love love love knits a lot! People who know me well can vouch for that in seconds. There is something about sweaters and knitted jumpers that draws me to them like a magnet. And of course I am particularly drawn to the loose a bit baggy styles.

2. Cozy Socks

You have to keep those toes warm people! I am a sock lover. I will always pick up any pair that catches my eye. I can wear socks to bed almost all year round :D
These 2 (see here and here) woollen ones (I picked up from Shimla) are particulary festive and come out a lot this time of the year :) Oh and add some foot cream too!

3. Dark Lipsticks

This is the best time to sport dark lips without feeling too weird about it. Get out all those berries, dark reds, maroons and even dark browns. My favourites this season are MAC Diva and L'Oreal Paris Arabian Nights (will review them soon). Put on a dark lip and it will oomph up any outfit.

4. Lip Balm

The colder season means dry chapped lips. You need some extra TLC. I do get lazy and miss this step most days, but winters will always find me reaching out for a moisturising lip balm before tucking in at night. Currently I am loving the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream (I have a small sample and it works wonders! Need to get a full size soon). Another recent favourite is the Kama Ayurveda Lip balms.
Nivea Essential Care (in the dark blue tube) is a good drugstore option too and I have used that for years.
You can for lighter lip balms in the day. Maybelline Baby Lips are a personal fave :)

5. Hot Chocolate

Winter nights are not complete without this! Now, I am not saying everyday...but indulging once in a while is perfectly ok ;)
So put on those comfy socks on and sip on a hot cuppa!

6. Body Butters

Extra dry skin is also a big problem these months and any rich super hydrating lotions/butters are perfect to fix that. I never understood what the whole fuss with TBS Body Butters were earlier, but having used them now, I completely understand. I love them! (Psst... It is a mission to try all their variants at least once now). Had used the Blueberry one last year and I am loving the Shea one for now.

So these were my winter essentials more or less. Tell me what's on your list below. I would love to know! :)

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