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Summers are here...and it is getting hotter by the day. A change in the weather demanded a change in my handbag stuff as out went the stoles and socks and warm fuzzy things. Here's what are have been my handbag staples off late...Read on! :)

1) Deodorant
Cannot imagine a single summer day without one. After trying plenty of deos and sprays, I have finally fallen in love with the Sure Roll on. It serves the purpose effectively and has a very unobtrusive fragrance which allows me to spritz on my perfume without creating any hinderance. Plus it is small enough to throw in the bag and very long lasting too!

2) Sunscreen
Ever since I have found this Lotus one, I have become a sunscreen person through and through. I hardly miss using it anyday. This one is tinted, gives a matte effect and comtrols oil. Absolute love!
We also have a few more reviewed here like Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SunblockFabindia Vitamin E Sunscreen and the Lotus Herbals Intensive Sunblock Spray.

3) Wet Wipes and Blotting Sheets
These come in so handy when you need to freshen up. The wet wipes take everything away and these Johnsons ones are the best ever! Trust me!
The blotting sheets are a life saver too. I use the ones by Body Shop (tea tree ones) or these Clean & Clear ones are a cheaper option, but equally good. They take away all the excess oil without disturbing the makeup at can literally see the oil being sucked away :D

4)Bright and Pastel Nails 
What's summer without flaunting bright and pastel shades on your nails? Color Show is Coral Craze is an old time summer favourite and recently joined is Blackcurrant Pop. Constant Candy is a super pretty one too. Such fun shades to wear!

5) Sunglasses
Must have to shield your peeps from the harsh sun... Currently using these by Accessorize, they have rose gold frames and go with everything...yaayie!

6) Bright lips
Again, summers is all about brights. So lips are not an exception. These Revlon lip stains are so easy to use and last a good amount to time in spite of all the fluid sipping and are hydrating. Honey is an all time favourite and an orange one Tease is a new love :)

7) Loafers
Now I know that shoes do not fall in the "bag" category...but these are going around with me everywhere these days so I had to include it :D
I love the pastel beige color with the pink borders and the stitched pattern. Somehow I am gravitating towards loafers a lot more than sandals for now. Love this pair so much! <3 <3

So these are some of my bag staples for now...apart from this I also throw in my headphones, a bottle of water, sanitizer and if space permits an umbrella or a cap.

What are you carrying in your bag currently? If you have any other ideas/must haves let us know! :)

P.S It's wasn't a tag really... but if you are a blogger and reading this then I do tag you to do a Summer Bag post. I would love to read yours as well! :) 

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