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Perfumes are something I got into quite late. I reason that it's okay, because as a teenager, deodorants were more than enough to smell nice. That's still enough, but a tween must have a few spray-ons to feel slightly lady like, don't you agree?

So that's why I *stole* this from my Mom's stash. Hush, hush! ;)

Fresh is how I like to smell. Overly sweet, candy-factory florals do not draw me in, ever! On the other hand, citrus and aquatic fragrances do :) And yay, reefresh checks all the points in my list :) :) :)

The glass bottle isn't the fanciest out there. It's a slightly heavy, slightly tapering cuboid, with a cube cap :P Okay, lots of geometrical talk here, let's leave that behind. The spray nozzle is a dazzling blue, I think it's just so cute ^_^

The perfume is a a light sea green in colour, itself a cool treat to the eyes. The notes are beautiful, beginning with Apple blossom and citrus scents of Lemon. They then give way to Lily of the Valley, aquatic and woody notes. The dry down is of Musk and Amber, and also hints of Spice.

In totality, Reefresh is a Floral Green scent. I find it very clean and fresh because of the citrus and aqua notes. A real specialty of this perfume is that it can be worn by young girls, as well as ladies easily. It'll just put you in mind of walks by the sea, with a nice breeze ruffling your hair. As I said, very fresh :)

This one is actually decently long-lasting, 6-7 hours if you spray well. I have a friend on whose clothes it rubbed off, and I got the feedback that it was nicely detectable even at the end of night! That was amazing honestly!

I've really not been much of a perfume person, but its exciting to go sniff-sniff-sniffing and slowly acquiring a selection. Swati bought me Cool Water with all her love as part of my Christmas present!!! How awesome a sister is she?! *_*

Price : 799INR

Did you like Reefresh by Reebok? What would you recommend to a budding perfume lover like me?


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