Nioxin Derma Renew therapy- A facial for your scalp: Review

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A couple of weeks back, I was invited by P&G to try out their new NIOXIN Derma hair renew Therapy at the Bodycraft Spa and Salon. Now, I had never heard about Nioxin before and after doing some research, I was quite excited to try the therapy. A facial for your scalp?? Yes please! 
Since I have been facing severe hairfall issues for the past few months, this therapy came as a saviour just when I needed it! 

About Nioxin Derma Renew therapy: A facial for the scalp. Derma Renew Therapy removes dead skin cells and excess sebum to renew scalp skin up to 34% faster than untreated skin and provide the perfect foundation for thicker, fuller looking hair. You can know all about Nioxin here.

The great thing about Nioxin is that there is a system, or series of products, that will benefit every type of thinning hair. Nioxin's three-part systems are designed for individual hair types. To choose a three-part system for you, simply match your hair type with one of Nioxin's 6 systems.

To begin with, my scalp and hair was assessed one of the hair experts. System 5 was decided for my hair type "normal to thin looking hair". (my hair is not chemically treated though)

  • Up first was the Derma Renew Service . The Nioxin cleanser was used (far right bottle with the nozzle) which exfoliates the scalp and removes excess sebum, fatty acids and residues which clogs the follicles. My hair was divided into sections and cleanser was applied thouroughly. This was followed by a short massage and the cleaser was left on for 10 minutes. 
  • This was followed by Dentisty Protect. My hair was washed with the Nioxin cleanser shampoo followed with the Nioxin Scalp Revitalizer, which was left for a few minutes. This lightweight conditioner provides hair resilience and controls moisture balance.
  • Lastly came the Density Repair Service. The Scalp Treatment was applied which is a leave in serumThis serum contains antioxidants and botanicals that help to provide a refreshed scalp environment.
A blow dry completed my whole session. My hair felt a bit voluminous after the therapy, but what I really liked was the Nioxin cleanser. I think the scalp exfoliation made the whole difference. My scalp felt squeaky clean. I kept checking it in the mirror every 5 minutes. It left me really impressed! 
Ofcourse, I cannot comment on its effectiveness on hair thinning and density increase, since it takes atleast 4 sittings (once in a month) to see noticable difference.

The Nioxin Derma Renew Therapy is priced at 3000 INR
Trial packs are also available for 2390 INR

Have you tried Nioxin before? Is this something you would like to try? 

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