Streax Hair Serum : Review

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You may have noticed that we haven't covered a lot of hair products in our posts, but that's because when it comes to hair, we believe simple natural treatments work best. I firmly recommend all hot oil massages and packs that you can whip up in your kitchen!

That being said, sometimes your hair needs a little extra help to keep it at its best. Enter serums!

Streax Hair Serum review

I honestly had nothing in mind when I went serum shopping. My dry hair became monstrously frizzy when I shifted to Bhubaneswar, so I was just looking for something to tame it down. Streax had an affordable option and that made me pick it up :)

I have been using it for over 10 months now, and while I won't be singing its praises, I will tell you why I like it enough to keep reaching for the bottle.

  1. Easy-peasy pump dispenser.
  2. Sweet fruity, slightly nutty smell that lasts a day! (Slightly strong, but mellows out)
  3. Good detangler.
  4. Frizz control for a day.
  5. Adds shine.
The serum is light golden in colour, transparent. It's quite runny and spreads well on damp hair. I feel you need a bit more with this product if you aim at controlling frizz. My routine is dividing my hair into 2 sections, one pump for each side does the job. Using this serum on dry hair is difficult as it doesn't spread evenly, leaving you with oily locks here and there.

The shine it adds is good and looks very natural. For me, healthy hair has a subtle shine - it doesn't look overly glossy like strands of plastic :P

Frizz taming is okay for a day after which my hair takes its own course. Not much impressive, but good enough for a quick fix.

Streax hair serum detangles well and also makes hair very soft. Once I applied this before blowdrying my hair and the end result was so nice! I had shiny, smooth, soft hair all day! I loved it to bits :) :) :)

Streax Hair Serum review

Overall, this serum is a good budget buy. I don't particularly use it after every wash, but when I do, the difference is definitely noticeable. I'm finishing the product slowly, and most probably won't purchase it again.

I'd recommend Streax hair serum only to those whose hair is well behaved and not very much damaged. It works as a mild TLC potion to enhance your hair's natural beauty. If you're blessed with good hair, I think this serum will keep you happy :)

Price : 175INR for 100ml

Recommendations for serums will be highly appreciated, so comment away!

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