L'oreal Color Riche Le Vernis Top Coat, Confettis : Review and Swatch

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I love polishes, and I love nail art. Add cute top coats and I get super happy. So, naturally I was very excited when I spotted the new L'Oreal Top Coats on their counter lasty month. Out of the variants, I loved Confettis the most (how long have I waited for something like this to come to India!). 
It has taken me a while to share the swatches (facing some health issues lately) but here it is finally. Take a look :)

The bottle is like their regular Le Vernis ones, it is sleek and I like it a lot. Confettis is a mix of balck and white hexes (small and medium) in a clear base.
I love wearing it alone and layered with pastel and bright shades too. It just makes the nails look so cute! 

I found the brush to be a bit thin and not apt enough to pick up the hexes well. Also, the gel base is a bit too thick and does not give a smooth application. You might be able to notice it if you look at the swatches closely. 
Of course, you can fix this issue with a clear top coat. But this is meant to be top coat in itself, so why the extra effort! And the polish isn't exactly cheap. I wish the formula was better.
Sometimes, the hexes get concentrated at one place...so I prefer going dab dab dab most of the time.

It dries quite quickly to a semi matte finish and lasts around 3-4 days on my nails, longer with a seperate top coat. 

Price : 299 INR for 5ml

For this price and the quality, this is certainly not something you must absolutely buy. But if you want some polka dot polish, then this is the only option in India as for now (please correct me if I am wrong) other than a Colorbar one, which has different colors in 1 and I am not too fond of mutli color.
Hopefully, L'Oreal improves the formula of this one, or other brands launch some fun polishes soon!

P.S. I remember inspecting like 4 bottles of this one at the counter...and picking up the one that looked least gloopy..the formula of a few of them looked really thick. So, make sure to check thse at the counter once and ask the SA to show another bottle too, just to compare. 

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