Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Bronzer Golden Days : Review (and reasons why it is a MUST HAVE!)

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Oh Makeup Revolution, how I love thee!

If you haven't discovered this brand already, girl you need to stop living in a cave and do some online shopping ASAP! I'm so glad we're finally getting access to such wonders, because in India, drugstore makeup is so whacked up. They call themselves drugstore and then set prices that have my eyeballs bulging. Not to mention the dearth of variety.. (shudders)

Well, this isn't a rant about all my makeup woes, but a rave about a product I haven't put down since I bought it! In case you're wondering, I even wear it on Sundays when I have nowhere to go because..well, it's just that fab!

Just for some background information, I found this article to be very helpful as it concisely explains what "baked" makeup powders actually are.

Coming to the bronzer itself, IT IS PERFECT! There are multiple reasons for the shouty capitals.

  1. It is not orange, or brown, or ashy. It is a GOLDEN-bronze.
  2. The above mentioned quality of being golden is super desirable for warm-olive skinned beauties.
  3. I'm not into a heavily bronzed look, strictly speaking. Indian summer = inevitable tan, and that takes care of bronzed looks on its own. Anyone agreeing to that will find themselves a fan of Golden Days.
The last reason is the most important of them all. With a nice tan to sport, the last thing anybody needs is more bronzer turning them into a burnt disaster. No matter how much I drool over pale skinned beauties on YouTube working magic with bronzing powders, the truth is that over a warm skin tone, most bronzers can make you look almost sun-burnt. But Golden Days is the ultimate champion because when applied strategically, it turns my tanned look into a sun-kissed look, and I'm going to worship any product which holds the power to do that! Just a little extra oomph to catch the light and turn you into a goddess :)

Basically, on my skin tone, Golden Days makes for the subtlest of all bronzers. I like how it gives a healthy glow. The powder is milled quite fine and it blends into my skin to give a very natural finish and even though the product contains fine shimmer the end result is not shimmery at all, more like a sheen. Shine, shimmer, sheen.. it's so important to get them right when you're dabbling in makeup! Shine is for your hair and lips, shimmer for your eyes, sheen for your cheekbones and lips. And while we are on the subject, Bare Beige and Save Me From Yourself, and Love Can Set You Free are 3 of my most loved lip products to achieve a polished pout with a lustrous sheen.

Not being a matte bronzer, Golden Days is obviously not made to meet your contouring needs. Dust it lightly on your cheekbones, forehead, nose.. all the places you'd use a highlighter at. If you need to take it a step further with proper strobing, use a golden highlighter (like the Mary Lou-manizer) just on the top of your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. I skip blush after all this, but feel free to throw your favorite one into the mix as long as you are confident at blending them all flawlessly.

Pigmentation is surprisingly good, and I never dare to swirl my brush entirely over it! I just perform a series of light pat-pats, and then pat it on wherever I need it, and then blend blend blend gently. 3 steps to beautiful and glowing skin! With a staying power of 7-8 hours on my dry skin, Golden Days is a sure winner for me, and that makes it something I would highly recommend to all of you. Go get it!

Using it wet is beyond my courage and I will never attempt it unless I think of using it as eyeshadow on my eyes. I may do that very soon and update you all with an eotd on Instagram!

Price : 1050 INR for 13 g

Are bronzers a must for us naturally tanned Indians, or are you more comfortable with using highlighters alone? Share your thoughts below!

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