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Hello everyone! Let's talk about hair removal methoda today. I do understand that we all have our preferred methods....laser, waxing, epilating, shaving, depilatory many options are available these days. In spite of waxing being the most preferred method for most women, I have never been able to get used to it completely. It is a extremely inconvenient and well, the wait between sessions is way too long! 
So, naturally the other methods have always been more attractive to me. Personally, I find hair removal creams way too cumbersome and harsh which leaves me with the next 2 options - Shaving and Epilation. Now, these two have been my go to methods for years now. I fluctuate between the 2, depending on my mood ( lazy I am feeling) and the time I have. 

I have reviewed the Gillette Venus Razor waaay back and I am a huge fan of it. So naturally when they invited me for the Gillette Venus Subscribe to Smooth event, I couldn't say no! 

Kannada film actor, Radhika Pandit and Dr. Rashmi Shetty, a well known aesthetic physician graced the event and spoke about the myths associated with shaving as well as their personal experience with it. 

I did reach the event quite late (work issues....I tell you...ooof!) but I did get a chance to speak with Dr. Rashmi personally. She was kind enough to sit with me for a few minutes even though the event was well, kind of over. She spoke about the do's and don'ts of shaving and help bust the many myths, which I will be covering in future posts. She was so easy to talk to and answered all my questions very patiently. 

Apart from all the insightful information, I met my fellow amazing bloggers and caught up with them for a while. Since I went to the event straight from the hospital, I was in my usual work clothes of a kurta and churidar and sans makeup....just let my hair down to make things a bit presentable :D 

We got a kit consisting of a Gillette Venus Razor, a pack of 4 blades, and the shaving gel which I will be testing out in the next few weeks. I have been using the razor for the past 2 years (on and off), but I haven't tried out the gel before and I am quite intruiged to see if that makes a difference to the whole experience. I will be sharing my thoughts over the next month so keep a lookout for more #SubscribeToSmooth posts. 

Oh, and you have any questions and doubts realted to shaving, let me know and I will answer them :) 

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