Friday, 29 April 2016

#SubscribeToSmooth Myth 2 “Shaving alters/changes skin color, hair texture or hair color” : Busted!

It's already been my 3rd week of using the Gillette Venus range continously. If you have missed the previous posts, then do go back and read on how I took the challenge and how shaving does not cause dry flaky skin. So targeting another common myth associated with shaving - "It alters skin color, hair texture/color". 

So can it really do that? No. It cannot. And if you think a little logically, you'll agree too... Read on!  

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So about "Changing Skin Color"... How will a razor have the power to alter your skin color? Yor skin color depends on things like melanin pigements, sun exposure etc. In fact, the razor will remove the top dead skin layer and reveals brighter skin. It's like exfoliation. I have noticed that everytime I shave. Especially on the tanned areas like the foot and arms. Use sunscreen to avoid tanning the new layer.
Moreover, shaving does not involve using any chemicals like the hair removal creams which actually harm your skin and lead to darkening over time.

Moving on to "Changing Hair Texture"... Again, it does not. I have been shaving for many years (ona dn off) before taking up this challenge and even in these past 3 weeks, where I have been shaving regularly, I have not noticed any change in my hair texture, gorwth rate or hair color.
Shaving cuts the hair from the surface leaving the part below the skin as it is. Yes, you might feel sometimes that the hair is getting coarser but that is just the stubble growing out.
You might experience ingrowth with shaving as you do with waxing as well, and it might lead you to assume that your hair growth had texture have worsened, but that is happening probably because you haven't exfoliated well enough between the shaves and that you might be using a blunt razor. So be careful the next time : Always use a fresh cartridge and exfoliate well between each shaving session. Using a specialized shaving gel like the Satin Care gel also helps so much!

There you go! Hopefully this helps you all get rid of your apprehensions a little bit more. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to ask them in the comments below or mail them to me and I will be happy to get back to you :) Also, don't forget to check out the Gillette Venus FB app for more information and tips!

I'll be back again next week another update about my experience. Till then stay smooth! :*