It's Time To Up Your Watch Game!

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At C & D, welcoming the New Year with a bang is not enough, sailing through it with panache is the ultimate goal!

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A little tidbit to jazz up your style quotient is the use of tasteful accessories. Investing in a few smart watches is key to looking chic. Recently, Swati bought herself a couple, and has been loving the way they add a polished touch to all her outfits!

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Out of the many brands of wrist watches, Fossil watches always make us drool with lust. (Heart eyes!) Their classic designs are extremely well cut, and can be the star of any show. Although on the pricier side, they're among the loveliest time pieces we have come across! We have our heart set on a few pieces for a while now.
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Another trend that has been all over and rightfully so are smart watches. Gone are the days when your watch was just a mode of knowing time. We now have hi-tech touchscreen ones which are not only water resistant but also offer a variety of other functions. Pedometer, Heart rate monitor, Bluetooth, Call function, Sleep monitor, Caller ID, GPS tracking, Notifications, Activity tracking, Activity tracing, Altimeter, Barometer, name it, you have it! Never seen I was a kid, had I ever imagined a watch being capable of all these things! It's like jumping into 
Star Trek :D Not only do they offer so much multitasking, these look super edgy too.

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So, here were our two recommendations when it comes to accessorising with watches. They do not need to look all plain and simple now. Keep your wrist on fleek this season!

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