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We have been putting up quite a few reviews off late and I just wanted to do a fun post for you all. So here's a peek of what's on my phone!

What's On My Phone

So, I have a Moto X (1st Gen), yeah I know it's a super old one (I have had it for around 3 years now) :D 
I guess the main reason I got tempted to get this one back then whas the "Ok Google" feature! :D Oh, and it also has stock android which is super convenient. 

What's On My Phone 
What's On My Phone, Dailyobjects

This phone case, from Dailyobjects was a birthday gift. I personally love the cases they make and I have one with a floral pattern as well. So let's see what I actually keep on it, shall we?

I am a big fan of the "bokeh" effect, so it is set as the wallpaper for a long time now. I do change it every now and then, according to the mood, occasion, season etc. but I always come back to this one. 

Apps are kept to a bare minimum (mostly because the Moto X 1st gen does not have an expandable memory...should have thought that through)

Loop is an interesting puzzle game that makes passing time a bit fun. It is quite addictive too. 

Aviary is one of my go to photo editing apps. It is quite comprehesive and offers a ton of editing options. 

What's On My Phone

A super helpful app is Clue, which helps you track your menstrual cycle and a bunch of stuff (bleeding, fluid, pain, cravings etc) related to it. You can keep a check on the patterns of your cycle, get reminders. Plus I am quite impressed with the amount of information it offers, straight from journals (citations are included!). 
Also, the logo and name are super discreet. I highly recommend you this one girls!

What's On My Phone, Clue app review

What's on my phone, clue app review

Another interesting app I have is Headspace. Now, I was a bit skeptical about this one, and I admit, I do not use it very often. It is a meditation app, but not your typical kind. This is mindfullness meditation, which I find a lot easier to do. I usually do this before tucking in for the day and it is super relaxing. I have recommended it to a couple of people and they have liked it as well. They offer a 10 level trial version for free, in case you are interested. 

What's on my phone

I also have the Google Keep app which is extremely handy for jotting down any little bit of information. I have college stuff, addresses, bills, grocery lists, blog lists, to do lists, makeup wishlishts and everything stored on this. And you can color code them, like post-it notes! It automatically backs up all your information, so you don't need to worry if you change or reset your phone. 

Phonto is another app I use for adding text to photos, especially for social media. It offers tons of choices. 

What's on my phone, headspace app review

I have Shazam for identifying any interesting music I might me hearing somewhere (way better than asking and bugging everyone around). 

Ola and Uber are an absolute neccessity to be able to get around. It's not easy to catch an autorickshaw here in Bangalore (on the proper meter fare).

And last but not the least, the basic social apps - Facebook, Instagram, Hangouts, Whatsapp, YouTube etc. 

What's on my phone

What's on my phone

So yes, that's pretty much all that is on my phone most of the time. I do install and try out a new app sometimes, but these are the main ones which I cannot do without. 

Update : So even though I loved my Moto X so so much, it was getting a bit old and I wasn't very happy with the camera quality.
I now have an HTC 816 (my dad's old phone) now. It has been a week and I am happily discovering all the features. I must accept that it is a lot big, and a bit difficult to handle as compared to the Moto X, but the camera is so much better and so far I am loving it!
P.S. I have an interesting accessory for the phone, which makes handling the bigger size super convenient! Shall share soon :)

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