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When it comes to body massages, I am an addict. There is something just so wonderful about one. The way you get all drowsy 10 minutes into the massage, the way the body feels all light and glow-y afterwards, and the way you get one of the best sleep that night! 

But, it is quite a task in finding that perfect place that gives you a great experience. I keep trying new spas every now and then, but very few make into my list of recommendations. Meraki Spa & Boutique has made into that list. Read on to know more about them and my experience. 

Meraki Spa, Meraki Spa review, Meraki Spa bangalore

meraki : (v.) to do something with soul, creativity or love; to put something of yourself into your work

"Everything we do, we do it with Meraki. The experience is curated in a way to touch the soul and relieve the mind and body. The Meraki Spa & Boutique is known as the best luxury spa in Bangalore offering the highest quality of body treatments with steam bath, body massages, body scrubs, facials and skin treatments."

Meraki Spa, Meraki Spa review, Meraki Spa bangalore

The first thing you notice as soon as you enter through the white front doors is the clean airy feel of the space. The quaint corridor that takes you to the sitting area is lined with rugs, the colors and patterns of which are absolutely lovely. Who would have thought hanging rugs from walls look that pretty?! The cane swing is a cute addition to the space. 

Meraki Spa, Meraki Spa review, Meraki Spa bangalore

I was shown into the arrival lounge where you can sit down and relax, have a cup of tea before your spa begins. The wall is showcases their hand crafted bath salts, scrubs and massage oils, the fragrance of which are heavenly! The whole decor, which the white walls has a Grecian feel which instantly lifts you up even before the spa has begun. 

After speaking to Mr. Debanjan - Founder of Meraki Spa & Boutique (who gave me a brief about all the services they offer and what each one does), I decided to go for the Swedish Body Massage. This is a good starter, if you don’t get a massage often. It helps increase blood circulation & uses medium pressure to release muscle tension & stress. Sounded like just what I needed! 

Meraki Spa, Meraki Spa review, Meraki Spa bangalore

Meraki Spa, Meraki Spa review, Meraki Spa bangalore

Before starting, the therapist cleaned my feet with some warm water. And then came the actual one hour in heaven! I have never been fond of hard pressure, so the Swedish massage, with its gentle massage strokes was perfect for me. Every muscle was targeted bit by bit and I quickly went into a deep slumber, waking up only when my therapist asked me to turn around. 

Meraki Spa, Meraki Spa review, Meraki Spa bangalore

After the massage was over, I was asked to head over to the steam room, which is a superb experience in itself. The steam helps open up all the pores in your body, so that it can benefit completely with the oils just massaged. It made my skin super soft and glow-y! I had a quick bath, a hot cup of green tea and felt refreshed like never before! All aches and pains gone! 

Meraki Spa, Meraki Spa review, Meraki Spa bangalore
  • Welcome and Decor : Unlike any spa I had been before. The white walls, minimal decor gave a lovely airy and light feel. 
  • Comfort : I was made to feel comfortable during all times. Softly lit rooms so that you can sleep peacefully. Trained therapists who took care about the pressure of the massage at all times. 
  • Hygiene : You are provided with disposable garments and fresh warm towels. Every room has an attached shower cubicle with clean towels, shampoo and body wash.
Meraki Spa & Boutique
8, Papanna Street, Off St. Marks Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001 
Ph: 07619613118
Cost - 2500 INR onwards

Do check out Meraki Spa & Boutique if you are in a desperate need for some pampering and want a luxurious experience!

Thank you Meraki Spa for a lovely experience!


Disclaimer: The spa expereince was offered to me by Meraki in return for my honest review of the same.. Links in the post are for information only.

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