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Don't even ask how we have been managing blogging and work. Smriti is in her final year of med school and I have exams for my masters degree just around the corner. Of course, the blog is suffering a little, but we are trying it post as much and as often as we can. So here is, a wee bit late, the January Favourites!

Hooked onto, January favourites, currently loving
Hooked onto, January favourites, currently loving

1. Skincare
Well, if it counts as skincare, I have 2 products. The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Shower Gel (a gift from Smriti...thank you dear sis), which is working fabulously in the colder months and makes my bath time feel a bit luxurious. And the second one is from Anatomicals, the Help The Paw Vitamin Rich Hand Cream (what adorable names they come up with!). This hand cream is non greasy, sinks in fast and nourishes well. More about it in a later post, promise. 

Hooked onto, January favourites, currently loving

2. Makeup
I have a few in this category this month. After being incredibly statisfied with the L'Oreal Brow Artist (reviewed here), I thought I should try something new. Enter the NYX Brow Mascara (I picked the shade Espresso which is a dark brown and matches me well without looking too much). So far I am really enjoying using it. I still love the L'Oreal Kit and this is not as great as that, but using the brow mascara is a whole lot quicker and still manages to make your brows look groomed and polished. I wish the applicator was a bit small though (like the Benefit one), but can't really complain. 
I have also been reaching out for MAC Plumful a lot. So I got this as a gift last year, and I did not really wear it as much. Then recently, I was just trying out some lipsticks one evening and I fell in love with it again. I love how this is apt for fall-winter, but it's not dark dark..you know what I mean?
Lastly is the NYX Ombre Blush in Mauve Me (swatched here) which just goes with the lisptick perfectly. Plus it looks gorgoeus in the pan too!

Hooked onto, January favourites, currently loving

3. Munchies
I have been seriosuly hogging on Krack Jack (there is something about the classic old biscuits I tell you!...they don't make such stuff these days). I should probably cut down on this though :D

Hooked onto, January favourites, currently loving, krack jack

4. Others

Who else squealed and jumped on their beds with happiness when Sherlock Season 4 was out?! I most definitely did!
It's not just the series, I am in love the character in general (books, movies, series...I can read/see them over and over again). I know that 3 episodes are quite long each, but I am greedy and I wish they made more!

Hooked onto, January favourites, currently loving

So, here was the January roundup. What did you love last month?


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