L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse Lip Color in Lolita : Review

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Does anyone else feel like the spectrum of Shine Caresse is flooded with colours of Spring/Summer? It's like each of the different shades was perfected to make your pout gorgeous even under the harsh sun! We admire and worship this range, as you will know from our previous posts, and seeing them on sale.. *_* These babies were so coming home!!!

Swati and my Mom both are ardent fans of the shade Bella and then she also added Faye to her collection. Surprisingly, I didn't own any, so I got Lolita for myself, and Milady for my sister. Let's jump straight into it, ladies!

Lolita is a pretty dusky mauve-rose in the tube, but on my lips it translates as a different colour each time darkening to a more reddish rose within a few minutes. The unique thing about the Shine Caresse range is that their undertone changes according to the natural lip colour so they look a bit different on each of us. Also, they deepen with time on your lips, so what you see in the tube won't necessarily be the colour that turns out on your lips! I highly recommend trying the various shades at the counter to be sure what suits you and what doesn't.

If you look closely, L'Oreal has added extremely fine golden glitter to this shade, giving it extra dimension. I love the way it subtly sparkles in the sun! I've never been a fan of shimmery glosses but I'm willing to make an exception for Lolita and Plum Luster and Papaya!

See, how it has turned coral this time? Best chameleon shade ever!

As expected, Lolita too is lightweight in texture and gives a hydrated gloss to the lips. With time, the glossiness fades in about 3-4 hours and a hint of stickiness appears, but that's nothing to worry about. Staying power is fantastic, as the stain remains for almost the entire day! Honestly, on a regular college day, I just touch up once with clear balm after lunch, and the tint remains till evening. I love the fact that it is so fuss free, and I do not need to worry about reapplying :) However, there is a small little thing that you must take care about. When applying the gloss initially, make sure you get the first layer extremely even or else the stain will turn out patchy and look horrible.

Another fun twist to Lolita is that I can never know what shade it will turn out to be! Sometimes it pulls out mauve, sometimes pink, and on some bizarre occasions it turns coral-red! I have no idea if that happens with this shade, or just with me.. but I sure enjoy the surprise each time :D

I'm really wanted Cherie next..maybe if I can get my hands on it.. The Shine Caresse range was worth all the hype and I'm glad I added it to my stash!!

Price : 499 INR for 6 ml



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