Hooked Onto : February 2017!

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While I was a bit too late sharing my January favourites, I am on time this month. Yaay! I have a few interesting things which I am absolutely loving this month, less of beauty stuff, more about lifestyle this time strangely.  Take a look! :)

1. Skincare
I am pretty much sticking to my skincare routine for the past couple of months, so I haven't tried anything new so far (since my skin is behaving quite well so far). So I do not have a proper skincare product this month. But guess what? As a Valentine's Day gift to me, I got the Clarins Lip Oil and oh my god! I love it! So so much. Full review coming up soon! 

2. Makeup
I got the Maybelline ColorShow in Mysterious Mocha earlier this month and what a color it is. I wish it had checked out this range earlier. The formula is quite good and these are super affordable. Do you want to see swatches? 

3. Munchies
I have definitely munched on a lot of chocolates this month....I should take it down a notch...eeeks!

4. Others
If you have been following us on Instagram you would probably know that I have been loving the new Instax Mini 7s...it is so much fun to click and get the photo in an instant!

I also spotted these new Gel highlighters by Faber Castell and the stationery addict in me squealed in delight :D I have exams right now, and they are coming in super handy!

This chrome watch by Titan has also been getting a lot of love for the past few weeks. I love the big round dial, I somehow am more partial to silver toned watches, though I think I should try a gold toned one soon and add one to my collection. Which ones do you like?

And last but not the least....Bullet Journal! I had been meaning to try the Bullet Journalling system for a while now, and with the new year and everything, it was a good time to start (though I missed January). I wanted to get my hands on a notebook with the dot grid pages, and I tried everywhere...believe me when I say that! But it is impossible to find one. If you happen to know a place that stocks them, please let me know.
Anyway, so I finally compromised and picked up a regular one with ruled pages. I have managed to segregate it and have made a few basic sections - blog and personal. I am trying to be as regular with the entires as I can.  Do you want to know more about it? And take a peek at how I have divided the sections? Let me know! :)

So, here are my Feb Favourites! What have you been loving?


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