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I love coffee, period. I mean, I love it so much that I went and started a coffee startup on the side, just because I couldn’t find a decent blend of coffee.. I’ll let you in on an insider secret, your beloved blogger and my boss Swati is crazy about cold coffee and has a process for it and gets cranky if it’s made any other way. That’s how big a role coffee plays in a life.

So when we came across Man Cave Inc.’s Caffeine Shampoo, We didn’t blink twice in adding it to the cart. I must add here, that I haven’t been disappointed in the least.

Man Cave Caffeine Shampoo review, Man Cave Caffeine Shampoo

Man Cave Inc. pride themselves for being a complete natural hair care solutions provider. This means that their shampoos do not contain parabens, synthetic dyes or petrochemical ingredients and best of the lot, they aren’t tested on animals.

That being said, what they DO contain is a whole lot of goodness which comes across immediately once you’ve taken a shower. Infused with caffeine, which helps stimulate and regulate hair follicle growth, and 8 essential oils this one is a superhero for your hair guys.

Man Cave Caffeine Shampoo review, Man Cave Caffeine Shampoo

Some of the ingredients that they’ve used are:  
A) Aloe leaf juice, which is a power house of vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory ingredients which nourish your hair.
B) Shea butter with its antioxidants and Vitamin content protect your hair 
C) Lemon peel oil & Patchouli Oil which are very effective against dandruff and also help adding sheen to dull hair. 
D) Mandarin Orange peel oil, Anise seed oil & Mint leaf oil which have bactericidal and fungicidal properties, these help in repair of damaged hair, keeping your scalp germ free and in conditioning. And finally 
E) Ladanum resin & essential oil which give this shampoo its distinct spicy fragrance, which I am absolutely loving and which is a great plus point for the men.

The Packaging is a good solid squeezy tube, which makes it a decent travel companion. 3.5/5

Man Cave Caffeine Shampoo review, Man Cave Caffeine Shampoo

The shampoo, itself, is great. It lathers really well, doesn’t leave the hair dry or frizzy, definitely gives your hair a sheen and has a great post-shower fragrance. 4.5/5

It is priced slightly on the higher end of the spectrum of regular men’s grooming products, with a 200 ml tube priced at Rs.650. That being said, it does run for a long time and is great value for money.3.5/5

Man Cave Inc.’s Caffeine shampoo is a definite must try guys, if you’re looking to up your hair game this year, especially with summer already knocking on our doors. 

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