Freedom Makeup Duo Brow Powder - Dark Brown : Review

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I confess I'm ridiculously late at joining the brow team. My mother, and Swati have always been ardent worshippers of a good brow, but I was the black sheep for a long long time!

Well, it was time to invest, and invest I did :)

Strong brows, here I come!

Freedom Makeup Duo Brow Powder review

Being a newbie, I thought it was best to get myself a powder product instead of a gel/pomade to avoid the 'Sharpie' eyebrow look. However amazing it may look in Instagram EOTDs, they look quite scary in real-life! I tried the Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper from my Mom's stash but couldn't control the pencil end of it, and there was no point in buying a product I would not use half of!

Freedom Makeup Duo Brow Powder review

So I purchased this Duo Brow Powder by Freedom Makeup from Amazon. This brand is a sister company of Makeup Revolution London, which as you all know, I can only sing praises of and I'm happy to say that this product did not disappoint me! Dark Brown is the shade recommended for medium to dark brown hair with warm tones, and I believe Ebony, recommended for dark brown to black hair with warm tones might have been a better choice.

Freedom Makeup Duo Brow Powder review

The eyebrow powder comes in a small compact plastic pan, extremely well built. It feels much sturdier than its Makeup Revolution counterparts, the lids of both my blush and bronzer broke at the hinge! The matte black finish looks good, and I like that the details of the product are mentioned on the underside too, not just on the outer box.

The lid of the pan flips open to reveal a mirror inside, and the duo powder pan, slightly larger than the older 1 rupee coin. The left half consists of a lighter mushroom-y taupe shade, while a darker cool toned brown makes up the right half. This brow powder does not come with its own applicator, so I use it with my Real Techniques brow brush.

Freedom Makeup Duo Brow Powder review

As for the shades, the lighter one is not good at darkening my brows, but it does provide subtle definition. I use it alone very occasionally, and more often as a blending colour for my eyeshadows (ha, multitasking!) and sometimes to tone down the darker shade.
The darker shade is absolutely gorgeous, it transforms my eyebrows into something glamorous! I never knew what a difference it would make on my face, but having strong brows really ups my game to a whole new level! I love this colour!

Texture wise, the lighter shade is slightly chalky, the darker one very smooth. My brow brush kicks up the darker shade in little puffs, so I tap it in the gentlest way possible. This caution is beneficial too, as the pigmentation is good, and being light handed prevents me from using too much.
Once, when I had over applied, brushing through my brows with a spoolie and applying the lighter shade on top beautifully restored the look to a natural state.

I'm extremely satisfied with this powder and would recommend it to all newbies without hesitation. Freedom Makeup provides these Duo Powders in 10 shades, so there really is a match for everyone. Pick yours today!

Price : 850 INR for 2.5g

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