Experimenting With A Waistcoat : OOTD !

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First of all, thank you so much for liking my very first outfit post! Your appreciation really means a lot and well, it has encouraged me to finally do some more of them! 

Here's the 2nd one. This is special because (a) I have wanted to add a loose trouser type thing in my wardrobe for so long and I finally found the perfect pair (b) Ashish made me throw on a waistcoat, which I normally would never have, and I ended up liking it a lot!

Take a look!  

Also, I had a lot of fun doing this in the playground...who else loves swings? 
Though, the first few swings made me sort of dizzy....I think I am getting old! :(


You know some days, when you just want to dress comfy but still want to look put together? I have quite a few of these days, and I just cannot think about wearing a pair of denims then. 
All I want are loose flowy pants! 

This pair is perfect since it tapers at the bottom which I find better on my short self. (I wish I was tall and could pull off the actual flowy pants...hehe). 

The pants are light grey (grey..in fact neutral colors are what I love in general, you will come to know that in due course of time) with a textured pattern (which is difficult to make out in the photos). 
And I love pairing these pants with tees! I usually wear a black tshirt, but opted for a basic white one for the day. 
The waistcoat is also a shade of grey with tiny scooter print on it. How cute is that. (psst...it's from the mens section!). 

I usually wear loafers with this outfit, but sometimes I amp it up a bit with a nice pair of block heels. 

I chose to break the monotones with a colorful tan bucket bag. I think is adds the much needed pop of color to the outfit, without looking too flashy. 

Jewelry again is very minimalistic (you know me!). And a touch of warm coral on the lips. Done! :)

Tshirt - Nuon (Westide) ; Pants - H&M ; Waistcoat - People ; Bag - Desi Drama Queen ; Earrings & Ring - H&M ; Sandals - Mast & Harbor ; Lipstick - Colorbar Nude Coral

What do you think of the outfit? Let me know in the comments below!


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