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As a dry skin queen, I know and love my scrubs. Each time I scrub my skin clean, I fall a little more in love with how smooth it feels! I'm a firm believer in the power of exfoliants to not only make my skin healthy, but also help my skin care products work a bit better.

If you've been with C&D for long, you'll know I stick to a weekly exfoliation routine, head to toe. It's an integral part of my weekend pamper sessions, so I'm always on the lookout for high quality and (preferably) organic scrubs to use.

I think most of you will recall seeing Gravitale on Purplle quite a while ago. The product then was marketed as a grape scrub and it sounded promising, so I bought a jar of it. Therefore, even though we were sent a PR sample at its recent relaunch, this review is going to encompass the experience of 3 women who've been using it since ages ☺

The newly packaged Revitalizing Skin Gel is Gravitale's signature product, capitalizing on natural vinotherapy to restore, revitalize, and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.

And I have to agree, it does precisely that! Even though the packaging is not all that fancy as some of the other high end brands (the easy-squeezy tube however, is a huge improvement over the original wide mouthed jar) the gel inside will win your heart with the effect it leaves on your skin.

With a potent mix of alpha hydroxy acids, phenolic anti-oxidants, and vitamin C, this gel leaves my face visibly bright and glowing. It banishes my constant bane - dullness and uneven skin tone. I cannot even describe how clean and nourished my skin looks after I've used this as a treatment.

The purplish-brown gel is almost a paste of Gravitale's prized topical grade grapes grown exclusively at their own Blue Mountain vineyards. Did you know that grapes possess exceptional skin rejuvenating properties? It helps lighten scars and unveil a clear complexion, it makes the skin extremely supple, it even combats ageing!
If that's what ordinary grapes can do, imagine what magic these topical grade grapes, with 5.4 times more phenolic anti-oxidant content, are capable of! Hand blended with other natural and eco-certified ingredients, this scrub/skin gel is a boon for my skin and has everything I expect from a luxury product.

When I'd first bought a jar of the scrub, I was so amazed by how fresh, bright, and hydrated my skin looked that I couldn't wait to take it home and make our Mom use it too! When she did, the results on her mature skin were no less astounding. Her skin felt baby soft and luminous. She scooped some out to keep at home for regular use, and the next time I came back, she was so happy with the way this revitalizing gel was working for her. No doubt the company's claims of increasing collagen synthesis by 42% and enhancing the moisture retention capacity of skin by 67% were coming true!

A few months back, both of us convinced Swati to try it out, and had saved only a few uses worth for her. As you know, she has extremely sensitive, acne-prone skin and is highly wary of putting anything new on her skin, but once she applied this she loved it too! Although at that time Gravitale hadn't relaunched the scrub and it wasn't available anywhere so it sort of broke her heart...
I'm glad this skin gel is back, and we've already stocked up on individual tubes for each of us 😃

All I can say is, get a tube for yourself, and see what I'm trying to tell you here. I can guarantee that once you see its benefits on your skin, you won't go back to anything else. This stuff is HG material, and I'm glad I found it!

Price : 449INR for 50g


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