Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub : Review

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Most of us follow our usual CTM routine, but exfoliation is also a very important step that a lot of us tend to forget. 

Last year ie 2017 I shifted mostly towards chemical exfoliation (due to a bout of active acne), and while I still love the process, I like to use a physical exfoliant some days too. Keeping both options in the stash is always good....and I pick one depending on how my skin feels.

I had heard some good things about the Forest Essentials Organic Fruit Scrub so after a lot of thought (this thing is expensive afterall !!) I finally picked it up. I have been using it for over 2 months now and here is what I think. 

Forest Essentials Hand Punded Organic Fruit Scrub review

Derived from the unique Fal Yukth Gharshan Lep, this facial scrub uses a variety of fruit with exfoliating properties along with other natural plant extracts.

Hand-pounded to the right consistency, blends fresh organically grown Dates, Peaches and Almond seeds with rich Apricot Kernel oil, pure Honey and finely milled Almonds to gently exfoliate dull cells, revealing a beautifully polished and glowing complexion.

Forest Essentials Hand Punded Organic Fruit Scrub review

The ingredients list is quite impressive - Rose extract, Date and Peach pulp, Sweet Almond seed, Apricot oil, Walnut shell, Glycerin, Bael Leaf, Vertiver, Honey and Vit E. 
Though these are just the "key ingredients". I wish that FE gave the complete ingredient list. 

Forest Essentials Hand Punded Organic Fruit Scrub review

The texture of this scrub is super looks almost like Chyamanprash (haha!) and smells like a mixed fruit cocktail! (A lot like guavas, though it is no where in the ingredient list. Sensitive noses might not actually like this too much). You defintely need to wet your face throughly before using this in order to make it spread well all over. 

The granules are of different sizes - small and large mixed together. I also find the particles to be slightly more abrasive than the other scrubs I have used before.  If you have extremely sensitive skin or breakouts, I would suggest you to use something milder as the particles in this can irritateyour skin more

Since the scrub has some good stuff packed in it, I tend to wet my face, apply it all over, scrub a little and then let it sit on my face for a few minutes. Once it starts to dry a little, I wet it again, scrub very very gently and wash it off

So the thing to keep in mind with this one is the amount of pressure you apply. Go easy with mild pressure with this one or you can over do the scrubbing. 

Even though it does not have a cream base, it does not dry the skin. The skin feels smooth & supple after use. I follow it up with my regular routine (toning + moisturising). The skincare products will absorb better after exfoliation so the next morning the skin feels better too :)

Price : 1725 INR for 50g (available here)

  • The tub will last long since a small amount is needed each time. 
  • I quite like the organic natural formula as well. 
  • It does its job well and leaves the skin polished and smooth. 
  • It will suit most except those with extremely dry & those with active acne or breakouts -  this might be too harsh for your skin. 

While I used it up (I don't like to waste products) I don't think I will be repurchasing this. It does feel harsh because of irregular size of the scrub granules. I don't think this is worth the price. 


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