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Hello all!

It has been such a long time since I posted here. I know you all must be wondering what happened to out regular posting schedule. We were a bit caught up in some personal matters and work had been quite demanding as usual. Apologies for not being able to keep up with the blog. But we are back now and hopefully will be getting back to out blog routine soon.

Today I am sharing some new fragrances I have added in my stash! I got these online from which stocks fragrances from many brands. What's better? You can find many fragrances on good offers as well! Take a look at what I got :)

1) Titan Skinn in Nude (available HERE)

I bought the smaller 20 ml bottle of this for everyday work wear and loved it so much from day 1! The fragrance got so popular among my colleagues that a couple of them went ahead and bought themselves this one too. Yes it is that good! You need to take a sniff of this one girls! It has a mix of raspberry, lychee, bergamot and rose...not wonder I like it. It can easily be worn in the day as well as evening. I had to get the full size of course!

2) Titan Skinn in Sheer 

I love Nude and Celeste is Smriti's fave (which I love as well). Hence, wanted to give Sheer a try too. This is more of a light daytime fragrance. It has notes of green pear, strawberry and pink pepper which give it a slight sweet hint. I personally prefer Nude and Celeste but this one is good if you want a light floral fragrance.

3) Titan Skinn samples

Got some samples of Nude, Celeste, Imeria and Rare Wilderness... these go in my handbag for the occasional touch up spritz. I find these tiny sample bottles a good way to test out a fragrance before investing in a full sized bottle. 
You can read a full review of Celeste here

4) Ajmal Perfumes Samples

I wanted to try out another brand as well and zeroed in on Ajmal perfumes since they had some interesting ones. And oh boy..these perfumes are strong! A couple of spritzes are more than enought to last you 6-7 hours easily. Again these are coming in super handy to carry around in the handbag!

If you are a person who likes trying out new fragrances too, do give Perfume Addiction a try! They have a great variety and offer some great deals as well!

What are your favourite fragrances? Let me know in the comments below :)


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