Smashbox Photofinish Primerizer

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I do not use much makeup on an everyday basis. The days when I do use makeup, I tend to skip foundation/bb/cc creams. Yeah, I am not too much into base makeup...yet. But the one thing I do like using is primer (that is on days I do reach out for some makeup). For the longest time my go-to/favourite primer was, and still is (for different purposes which I shall talk about a little later) the L'oreal Base Magique. 
A few months back (blame YouTube!) I got very curious about the new Smashbox Primerizer.... primeri..what? You see it is a primer + moisturizer 2-in-1. Get it now?

Smashbox Photofinish Primerizer review, Smashbox Photofinish Primerizer india
Described as ‘moisturising makeup magnet’ this primer is infused with skin-restoring Niacinamide and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to help smooth, plump and condition your skinHyaluronic Acid can hold up to like 50 times it’s weight in water so it's hydrates your skin like crazy. Niacinamide helps reduce pore size & skin texture. You see why I got tempted and gave in, right?

Smashbox Photofinish Primerizer review, Smashbox Photofinish Primerizer india

The product is milky white, a bit runny and quite light in texture. It absorbs quickly leaving no sticky/greasy behind. I need 1 1/2 to 2 pumps (max) for my face and neck. 

This alone would suffice for oily skins though dry skinned girls might feel the need to use a seperate moisturizer (depends on the weather too!).

Smashbox Photofinish Primerizer review, Smashbox Photofinish Primerizer india

As a primer, do not expect it to fill in all your pores and blur all fine lines, the way a silicone pore filling primer does. The Smashbox Primerizer makes your skin look plump, well hydrated and healthy and gives a beautiful dewy fresh finish. It sure does blur out lines and pores a bit, helps foundation glide on the skin better and hold your makeup in place (as opposed to not using a primer at all), but if you want the airbrushed pore filled look, you might need to use a silicone based primer on top of this, in areas you need extra help. Which is what I do, sometimes. One layer of the Primerizer and a bit of the L'Oreal Base Magique on my t zone and open pore areas = perfectness! 

Smashbox Photofinish Primerizer review, Smashbox Photofinish Primerizer india

The Pros:
  • Hydrates and plumps the skin
  • Gives a fresh dewy finish
  • Takes care of all the dry flaky patches
  • Saves time! Priming and moisturizing in 1 step. Such a saviour when you are in a rush or if you are simply lazy (like me)
  • A little goes a long way
The Cons:
  • Very dry skins might need to use a seperate moisturizer (esp during winters)
  • This does not a great job of filling in all the open pores. Might need to use a seperate primer for that (if you are too particular)
  • A bit on the expensive side
Price:1750 INR for 15ml ; 2950 INR for 30ml (available here)
* update 2021 - packaging has changed to a squeezy tube now

Overall, a great product if you are a fan of the subtle dewy fresh look. I would suggest you to go try it at the counter first (if it is available in your city) before jumping in and investing in a full sized bottle. Skip it if you just want a primer to fill in the pores and blur out the skin texture, since this won't do a great job of that. 


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