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Oh boy! It feels so good to be back to blogging! It has been almost a month now & we had taken a break from the posts, but I missed this so much. I love sharing my thoughts on products with you guys and I love the world of beauty! 
Anyway, cutting short the chatter, let's dig in straight to the point, shall we? 

We are starting a new series on the blog "Brand in Focus". By no means is this our innovative idea, a lot of bloggers have done it in the past. But, I was going through my stash (mini clearout) a few weeks back & realized that often I tend to stick to certain brands - courtesy their wonderful products and well, non irritation/ no reactions on my otherwise sensitive skin. 
So, Every once in a while, we will be talking one such brand. Our love for it and our top picks from it. Hope this series will be of some help to all of you :)

A brand that forms a good part of my skincare routine is - Kiehls. 
I discovered them way back around 2015 maybe and over the years a few more gems have found their way in my stash! Of course I haven't tried all their products (I certainly want to someday!) but currently I have around 6 products (3 all time faves and 3 under testing- more on those later). 

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Let's start with the product that started my love towards Kiehls! Yes it is the good old Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I have reviewed it in detail 2 years back HERE and I still stand by every word I said in the post. I got a sample of this from their store...loved it...ordered a full size in 2 weeks. 
This oil just makes my skin feel so much better. I see a good difference in the overall texture, brightness, smoothness with it. I use it at night perhaps 2-3 times a week and wake up to better looking skin. It also helps calm down any skin irritation, rashes and small breakouts. I know many people say that the smell is calming, but frankly I am not to chuffed about the fragrance. But that's just a very minor hiccup. A total winner overall!

My 2nd, very well thought and contemplated purchase was the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. Another pricey product, so you can understand my apprehension towards it, more so when I had not tried any samples of this before. I just took a plunge since well, it was Kiehls (trusting my inner feeling, which sometimes you just have to) and I have not regreted it one bit. I finished a bottle a while back and have repurchased it last week since my skin was missing it since the past few months. The clear watery solution has helped me a lot in reducing dark acne marks and give a more even toned brighter complexion. A review is due people! Soon, I promise! 

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And lastly, the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. This is a recent addition (about 3 months) and I use it every other night. I have heard bloggers rave about it since years and I finally understand why! My younger self would not have been able to tolerate the extra creamy intense hydration that this eye cream provides. But swinging on the wrong side of 20's this has been a boon. You see, my skin is turning drier in areas now. So from being a super oily "I cannot apply any cream" on my face kinda girl, I am not battling with dry patches on my face and irritated around the eye area. The creamy eye treatment works well for on days when my under eyes are feeling particularly dry and does just what it says. Full review HERE

There! These are my top picks from Kiehl's. I am currently testing a few more of their products and will speak about them soon...One of them has blown me away completely! (Ssshhhh! Hold onto your pants for now!).
Overall, I love the brand (hence "in focus" duh) and would continue to try more of Kiehl's as and when I can! 

Are you a Kiehl's Fan? What other products will you recommend?


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