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Everyone who is into the world of beauty and makeup has heard about MAC. For the longest time, it was (and still is to some extent) a candy shop for us beauty enthusiasts. I get overjoyed every time I even pass by the store, just by seeing all the pretty things on display. 
Unfortunately, even after being into beauty blogging for over 6 years now... I had never really explored the brand. Of course, I have a few products already (MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural & a few of their lipsticks) and I love all of them! 

It was time to rectify the situation and a few weeks back I walked into a MAC store and after about spending 3 hours in there (gosh... what amazing 3 hours they were) trying out and swatching almost everything...I walked out with a small package and couldn't stop grinning till about 2 days after! :D 

Most of these products are also available online HERE.

Take a peek into what I picked:

MAC Haul, MAC haul india, best MAC products for Indian skin tones

1) Powder Blush - Peaches 
I swatched many colors and liked quite a few of them. But I finally picked up Peaches as it is a color missing from my collection (I genereally gravitate towards pink toned blushes). Peaches a matte warm toned peach. I cannot wait to use it! 

2) Laying Low Paint Pot
Now I have wanted to get a paintpot for the longest time to use as an eyeshadow base. But the more famous ones (Soft Ochre, Painterly etc) did not really work well for me. The lady assisting me suggested I give Laying Low a shot and it is beautiful! 
It just evens out my lid color and looks super natural. I have been using it alone as well just like a cream shadow for day to day wear. 

3) Prep + Prime Lip
Winter is coming! :D
And I am not ready to say bye to my matte lipsticks. Enter MAC Prep+Prime Lip. This wasn't on my list, but I was trying out some of the matte lipsticks & they were being a pain to apply that day (courtesy my chronic dry lips). The lady applied some of this and the lipsticks glided over like butter! Had to pick this one! Don't blame me. 

MAC Haul, MAC haul india, best MAC products for Indian skin tones

4) Mocha (Satin)
This is one of the highly recommended shades for Indian skin tones and I can see why. It is a warm Peachy Brown and looks absolutely lovely. It I was torn between Mocha and Smoked Almond, but picked Mocha for now.
This does not mean I won't get Smoked Almond someday! ;)

5) Relentlessly Red (Retro Matte)
This line can be a bit tough to wear (which is wear the lip prep+prime had come in), but I love the look of the retro mattes. Ruby Woo being an all time favourite. I added Relentlessly Red to my collection simply because this color makes you go like -  "is it red? is it pink? does it have coral?"
It is a gorgeous color! 

6) Cherry Lip Pencil
Needed a red lip liner to get that perfect red lip look whenever I reach for Ruby Woo..yes, they have a Ruby Woo lip pencil as well. But Cherry will work for all red lipsticks! I wish these were retractable though.. I hate sharpening! 

MAC Haul, MAC haul india, best MAC products for Indian skin tones

7) Prep + Prime Fix+ 
I have always wanted to know what the hype was about over this product. Everyone loves it. Everyone recommends it. I got the smaller one from the Little Mac collection to give this a try. I have used it a couple of times and it is pretty nice. I need some more time to figure my exact thoughts about this one. 
I will tell you this - The Lavender variant smells and feels divine! I wish they had a smaller version of that! Available here.

8) Strobe Cream
Again a much loved and recommended product. I remember that I had tried it at the store about 8 years back and my oily skin had not liked this at all then. I was super sad... since I wanted the "Glow" but couldn't have it! 
Got a smaller tube from the Little MAC collection to give a try again since my skin rather agreed when it was used that day :D 

9) Pigment - Blue Brown
This is beauty! Thank gosh it is available in the Little MAC collection, since you do not need much and a bigger size can be passed on to your grandchildern one day :D 
While I don't see using this on the lips or nails (yes the pigments can be used that way!), Blue Brown takes your smokey eye to the next level! It is a reddish brown base with (you guessed it...) blue- green pearl which gives it a lovely duo chrome effect. So depending on how you use it (packed on/blended/over a black base) it looks more brown or more blue. 
I also love smudging kajal/kohl on my lower lash line with a bit of this pigment and it looks fabulous!

MAC Haul, MAC haul india, best MAC products for Indian skin tones

I wanted to try out some of their eyeshadows and picked out 3 - 
Funnily, all 3 are from the purple-pink category! I blame the fall autumn weather controlling my mood! :D 
I am not complaining though, I have enough neutral tones already & the purples make the green in my eyes stand out more! 

10) Cranberry (Frost)
Oh this color! It is bit out of my comfort zone and I have never worn a color like this before. But I think it would look great! it is a purplish-pinkish-burgundy color. I need to play with this soon!

11) Star Violet (Veluxe Pearl)
I think I have found my favourite finish in MAC eyeshadows. The veluxe pearl shadows are so buttery. Star violet is a pinky brown with hints of plum & looks great as an all over the lid color. I wonder why it is not spoken about as much as some of the other shades. 

12) Expensive Pink (Veluxe Pearl)
A peachy pink gold color that goes really well with ethnic outfits and festive wear. It also works well as an all over the lid color which just a deeper brown at the outer edge. Love it! 

MAC Haul, MAC haul india, best MAC products for Indian skin tones

I have one empty space in my eyeshadow palette and I have the following shades in mind - Antiqued, Twinks, Sketch...problem is they all are gorgeous and I cannot figure out which one to get. So if you can give your suggestions it would be a huge help! 

Anyway, so that is my small, but not-so-small MAC haul. Spotted any of your favourites here? 
Which one would you want to review first? Let me know :)


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