Festive Makeup & Skincare Favourites 2018 (Bobbi Brown, MAC, the Balm and more!)

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It is super crazy October onwards every year. The festivals start back to back...and then wedding season hits in full swing! Not that I am complaining, I get to reach out for my makeup way more! Trying out new looks and colors is super fun.
But there are always certain products that I reach out to more than the others. They never fail me and considering that I am usually always short of time these help me look dressed up in a jiffy. 
I have shared my makeup favourites before too (check them out here), but it has been a while and things have changed a bit since then. 

This year I thought of sharing makeup +skincare with you all. Take a look into my picks for this season! 

1) Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation
I might just have found "MY" foundation! I normally don't do base makeup & stick to just spot concealing if required, but boy this one has me all smitten. 
I love how easy it is to use, how you can modify the coverage and how natural it looks! It does not have SPF which is a huge plus point....no white cast in flash photography! Available here.

2) MAC Ruby Woo lipstick
I do not think I can get through the festive season without a red lipstick. 
Sure I love my nudes, peaches and pinks...but there's something about a red lip! Not to mention the fact that I do not need to do much with the eyes when wearing a red lip (so much time saving!) 
MAC Ruby Woo is without a doubt one of the best reds out there and my pick since a very long time. 
But if I have to be honest, I have also been reaching out for the Estee Lauder Poppy Sauvage equally!
Such gorgeous colors both of them! 

3) theBalm Batter Up eyeshadow sticks
Yeah, I have gone super lazy with my eyes. :D
Usually since I am rushing to places post work, I do not have sufficient time to do an elaborate eye makeup. Enter eyeshadow sticks! They are a lifesaver. Just color in your eyelids and use your finger to blend the edges! Voila... pretty eyes! 
The Batter Up eyeshadow sticks by theBalm are super creamy, pigmented and last all day long without any smudging! I have Shutout & Dugout, both beautiful neutral shades that go with everything. Full review here.
The Huda Beauty Smoky Obessions palette is another lovely pick!

4) Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
For the longest time I have been loyal to my Maybelline The Falsies mascara. It still is great, no doubt about it. But Smriti introduced me to Lash Sensational a while back....it took sometime, but it has become a favourite too. It gives good length, does not clump (the falsies tends to clump a little), holds a curl well and I got the washable variant, so it is super easy to remove after coming back home late! Win win! Available here.

5) Maybelline Colossal Liner
What goes super well with a red lip? A winged liner of course! You cannot go wrong with this look. The colossal (felt tip) liner is super easy to use, super pigmented jet black color and stays long. It is not water proof, but I love it nevertheless. If you are a beginner and want to wear winged liners, look no further. Available here

6) theBalm Mary Lou-Manizer
Now, normally I am all about a natural looking highlight. But festivities demand something that can be seen from the moon! Okay, I am exaggerating a little here. But if you want to your highlight to look like a million bucks, theBalm MaryLou-Manizer fits right up the street! Get it here
It is the perfect champagne color, not glittery or shimmery. Just downright lovely. Full review here.
Another great one from the drugstore is the Maybelline Master Chrome in Molten Gold (reveiwed here), if you want something more warm toned. Available here.

Now, while makeup is all lovely and good, let's not neglect our skin! If you do your skincare right, your makeup looks much better and well, you do not need that much makeup anyway! It is super easy to neglect skincare during the many celebrations. I know the last thing you want to do is a 10 step routine after especially when you are dead tired. But girl, do a 1 or 2 step at least. Your skin will thank you. 

** Always remove your makeup. No matter how tired you are. I cannot stress this enough! Remove it thoroughly. All the waterproof mascara, liners, shadows, foundation... not a scrap to remain. I will always recommend a double cleanse if you are wearing a full face of makeup. 

Since I get super lazy too here are some products that have certainly helped to keep my skin in a reasonably good state :

1) Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
This is all I could have asked for in a bottle. It has definitely improved my skin and it keeps it looking good. Even if I skip my full routine, I do put this on generously. 

2) The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask (get it here)
I find that having a purifying/detoxifying mask is super handy (and essential). Pores tend to clog up (with makeup / lazy days when you fail to remove makeup completely / all the rich oily outiside food you are munching on) & before you know it - Hello breakouts! I have been loving the TBS Charcoal mask a lot. it unclogs pores, feels super refreshing and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean. Another awesome one is the Glam Glow Supermud (reveiwed here), but the TBS one is very similar and a lot cheaper. 

3) The Ordinary AHA BHA Peeling Solution
I have been more into chemical exfoliation a lot lately & a recent addition is the AHA BHA Peeling Solution by The Ordinary. 
5 mins with this & my face feels as soft & smooth as a babys bum! (not that good an analogy, but you get the idea right?). Use it the night before a special occasion! 
* If you haven't tried chemical peels before or if your skin is super sensitive, then stay away from this (it could be too strong), or do a patch test before slathering it on!  

So, these were my festive favourites this season! Do you have any favourites or recommendations? Any wonder product that makes your glow like a light bulb? Let me know 😊


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