Mitti Se Wild Essence Face Wash, Rose Water, and Almond Oil : Review

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2019 saw me taking a leap into clean beauty. The transition will be tricky and I cannot hope to replace all my skincare/makeup with green options with a click of my fingers, so slow and steady it is!

I think our market now has a fair share of natural and organic options for those looking to dip their toes in the world of conscious and sustainable beauty. Navigating through them can prove confusing and so I was happy to be approached by a new brand called Mitti Se. Indigenous and incredibly ethical, all their products are pure, natural and organic, vegan, and cruelty-free - the whole deal!

On my testing table for the past couple of weeks have been their face wash, rose water, and almond oil - all of which I was able to incorporate seamlessly into my routine and am now ready to share my experience with you!

First up the Wild Essence Face Wash which is a dry powder and needs to be used on the skin like a wet paste. I have never used a cleanser like this before, but Swati has and loves the Mridul soap-free cleanser. This face wash is packed with the goodness of powdered almond, lemon peel, neem, rose, black and red gram, turmeric and multani mitti. Doesn't that sound like something your granny would put together for sunehra nikhaar (golden beauty)? Well, it's true! This powder gently exfoliates the skin leaving it smooth and supple, and cleans it so well that my face always looks fresh and glowy.
I love using it at the end of a long day, leaving it on for a couple of minutes as a mask before scrubbing it away with cold water.

The product as you can see below is a fine powder that mixes well with water, milk or honey (depending on what you want to use). The recommended amount is 1-2 teaspoons. I liked the overall versatility of this cleanser- it can be used as a face wash, as a mask, and even as a body ubtan! Love a good multi-tasker ♡

Next up is the Rose Water, pure and undiluted. The brand claims that it is of edible quality, so that itself is a testament to its purity. The glass bottle contains the distillate of Damascena roses, and their fragrance never fails to uplift my mood. I have transferred it to a spray bottle as the original packaging doesn't provide one, and I love to spritz on some rose water on my face to tone and calm my skin. It helps balance out my skin, provides much needed hydration, and allows my skin to better receive anything that I might layer over it.

And the final product I got to try was the cold pressed Almond oil which comes in a packaging identical to the rose water. It is a beautiful light gold in colour and has the signature almond scent (100% natural). This product was my winter night-time moisturizer and did a very good job at keeping my skin soft and healthy. The texture of this oil is light enough and absorbs with a few strokes of massage. All in all, I think that adds to the benefits of the oil- a little massage never hurt anybody! And as I approach my late twenties, I'll take all the help I can to keep wrinkles at bay. Almond oil has wonderful anti-ageing benefits and also has ayurveda's seal of approval, so you might want to look into it too! Alternatively, it can also be used for hair care or culinary purposes (absolutely unadulterated, people)!

If you're looking to include clean, fuss-free products to your regime this year, give Mitti Se a try. They not only make pure and organic body care products, but also eco-friendly and non-toxic detergents and cleaners, and all at unbeatable prices! How's that for an all rounder brand? 😊

Prices :
Face wash - 295 INR for 40g
Rose water - 210 INR for 50ml
Almond oil - 260 INR for 50ml

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