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I love having rose water in my skincare stash and have been using it since my early teen days. It is such versatile product - I use it as face mist after cleansing and before going on with other skincare products & I use it to mix in my face masks. 

Of course, the quality of rose water I use has evolved and gotten better over the years, it started with the Dabur Gulabari (I am sure many of us have used it at some point..hehe) and then I realized that the Dabur one was a scam in the name of rose water, if you are still using it, it will be a good idea to consider switching. I switched to one by Fabindia which was such a lovely change! I finally started to understand what good quality rose water must be like. And then I tried the Kama Ayurveda Rose Water....I have not looked back since then, nor have I wanted to switch to any other once I tried the Kama one. It is my favourite! 

A while back I got the Forest Essentials Pure Rosewater Facial Mist free with a few other products I picked up. I have almost finished the bottle and here's what I think about it. 

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"The Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Pure Rosewater is prepared from steam distillation, in which the most vivid and soft petals of voluptuous Roses are used to extract its essential oil. The intense strain of the residual floral water from this process is extremely light, naturally hydrating and fragrant. This is captured in each spritz of our Rosewater for the face, which is cooling, soothing and moisturizing. We use the freshest, highest quality Rose sourced from the verdant city of Kannauj, which is infused in this Pure Rosewater for the face. This beautiful flower is also known as Desi Gulab in Ayurveda."

It comes in a plastic bottle with a spray pump, pretty much like the Kama Ayurveda one. The blue coloured bottle looks nice and the spray works fine. It feels refreshing & cooling on the skin and hasn't broken me out. Basically, it performs fine and does all the things I want rose water to do. 

But, to me, it doesn't smell as good as the Kama one and I don't know why. The water smells floral and has a mild rose fragrance, but I do not get the typical desi gulab smell from it. My favourite Kama Ayurveda rose water smells beautifully of Kannauj Roses. 

The FE rose water isn't bad but if I have to spend this much on rose water I will pick my favourite Kama Ayurveda one any day. I really love and prefer that and it is also slightly cheaper than this. 
So, if you are planning to spend 1000 bucks on rose water (not that you need to spend so much on rose water), can I point to in the direction of the Kama Ayurveda one? Try that first.

Price 1450 INR for 200 ml (available here)

I think it is expensive for what the product is. It's not surprising though, Forest Essentials has always placed itself as a luxury brand. But there are other rose waters that are priced better and are also good in quality available in the Indian market and I would pick those over this one. 

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