5 Productive Activities You Can Do At Home without Spending Money

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Hi everybody! 

I hope this blog post finds you in good health. Never before have we paused and reflected on the simple truth that health really is the greatest wealth we have. As doctors, we've seen our fair share of diseases and are trained in treatment, so when the novel coronavirus pandemic hit, some queries came our way about its remedy.

There's only one thing that will help us tide over this threat and that is social distancing and self isolation. Do it guys! It's free of cost, and will keep you and your loved ones safe.

That said, we're a generation that has thrived on constant connectivity and this sudden social distancing has left many of us feeling bored or lonely or a combination of both.

In this post I wanted to share a few ways in which I kept myself busy for the past few days. Having something to do apart from 'Netflix and Chill' gave me a sense of productivity and helped raise my spirits. Maybe you can try them out!

1) Organizing your laptop

This was equivalent to climbing a mountain, but I finally did it! The storage was purged of all useless files and applications, and then I organized everything into proper folders with proper names to make things easily accessible.

2) Declutter your mail

I also took this time to declutter my online presence by unsubscribing from unecessary emails, deleting irrelevant ones, cleaning out my wishlist on various shopping sites, and sorting through my bookmarks. Needless to say, it feels like a huge load off my shoulders and I'm so proud!

3) Clean out your fridge

I turned to my fridge next to give it a deep cleanse. All the shelves and trays got washed, interiors wiped down, and contents were arranged in food groups. Microorganisms can last inside the fridge for a longer time, so take this time out for a thorough cleaning. You can also go through your stash and remove any sauces/condiments that have crossed the expiry date.

4) Spring clean your closet

As the seasons turn, I like to give my closet a good look over. You cannot deny the joy that comes from a neatly organized closet! Fold those clothes and separate them into piles. I also like to eye my clothes and put away those that will not be used for the coming months. When all this is done, you can add the finishing touch by ensuring your closet smells fresh! This time I used cotton balls soaked with a few drops of essential oil - economical and reusable :)

5) Get rid of uneeded receipts and papers 

This is one thing I am certainly guilty of, and I often find my utility drawers/handbag stuffed full of receipts. Usually I plan to keep them for a while incase I need to exchange or return something, and then completely forget to clear them out! So I finally sat down and went through all such papers, and segregated them into what I needed and what had to be discarded. The end result? I feel lighter!

So, those were the few things I thought you could do too - relatively easy, and you can space it out over the days to keep yourself occupied. 
If you have tips of your own, please do share them below so that everyone can benefit from them! Let's be together despite the distancing!

And as always, please stay safe, follow the government advisory and avoid unnecessary errands and travel. 14 days of your restraint will save millions of lives in the future, so be wise with your choice to step out of your home!


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