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Hello all! We have been MIA for some time now, I know. We missed all you guys and of course, we missed writing, but it is so good to be back. 
Up today is another Brand in Focus. We did one quite a while back (you can check it out HERE) & this time we are talking about a drugstore brand. Take a look!  

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We both have tried quite a few products from Neutrogena over the years and while some did not work for us at all, we have found a few gems that we absolutely love & have re-purchased many times. Let's take a quick look into some of our favourites from Neutrogena today. Heads up, they are all from the Norwegian Formula Range!

1) Neutrogena Hand Cream ( available HERE )

I have spoken enough about this on the blog & our Instagram page over the past years. It still remains my favourite hand cream out of everything I have tried so far. Mildly fragranced, thick in consistency but absorbs into the skin really well, long-lasting (you can put this overnight and still feel it there doing its thing in the morning!) & multipurpose (use it on cuticles, elbows & knees or any dry areas), it has everything I need in a hand cream! 
I had to work with a lot of plaster during my post-graduation days and this hand cream kept my hands looking their best. You can check out the detailed review HERE

Neutrogena Body Moisturizer review, Neutrogena Body lotion review, Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Body Moisturizer review

2) Neutrogena Body Moisturizer ( available HERE )

This thick, mildly fragranced milky translucent cream absorbs almost instantly leaving no greasy/oily feeling behind. It spreads well and provides instant hydration to your skin. It always manages to make our skin look healthy and keeps it nourished for the whole day. You don't need to work it in for a long time, it sinks in fast. We have used it during peak winters and any dry skin days and it has never disappointed us. We wish it came in a pump bottle though, it would be so convenient. 

Neutrogena Hand Cream review, Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream review

3) Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer  available HERE )

At a glance, this lip balm kind of looks like a solid balm of vaseline but do not let that fool you. This is a lot more nourishing. It has a very unique texture (it's hard to describe it). On application, it spreads well without any tugging and leaves a light layer on the lips which sinks in quickly and provides immediate relief. The balm stays on for 3-4 hours. 
Do not expect this lip balm to completely heal severely chapped/damaged lip condition. It is more of a maintenance balm that helps in keeping the lips nourished. It has SPF 15 which is always welcome. The non-tinted, unfragranced matte formula makes it perfect to be used by both genders. It also works really well under lipsticks. 

** We must say that the NORWEGIAN FORMULA range from Neutrogena is truly nice. 

Neutrogena Rainbath Shower & Bath Gel review, Neutrogena Rainbath Shower Gel review

4) Rainbath Shower & Bath Gel

I found this one a few months back and it was love at first sniff. While there is nothing quite like the L'Occiatne almond shower oil (reviewed HERE), it is an indulgence for me (considering the price). Rainbath is a close second for me. The fragrance is unique, warm, woody yet refreshing. It's not too strong, it's not too mild. It's not your usual fruity/citrus, floral/sweet or aquatic. You need to sniff it once because I really cannot explain it. Keep in mind that this contains SLS, in case you are particular about things like that. 
Though the fragrance does not stay on, it is still lovely to use in the shower. I also love the pump packaging which is very convenient (I will definitely repurpose the bottle in the bathroom). 

5) Body Clear Body Wash

Unfortunately, I do not have the bottle with me right now, so I could not photograph it. But I have used the Pink Grapefruit variant in the past & liked it. This is the one to try if you suffer from body breakouts (back, shoulders, legs etc). It has 2% salicylic acid as the active ingredient and it really does help.  It isn't available in India yet, but you can find it on some online websites. 
Since it is a bit expensive, I have also tried their Oil-Free Acne Wash (Pink Grapefruit variant)  - while I find it too harsh for the face it works equally well to control body acne & is half the price. So you could look into it too. 

Products we tried that have not worked out for us 

  • Deep Clean Facial Cleanser
  • Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser
  • Liquid Neutrogena
  • Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock

We have found all of these extremely stripping and they have always left our skin feeling quite stretchy. You can read more about our experience HERE.

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