When Hairbrushes Got Fancy: Braun Satin-Hair 7 Iontech Brush

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There are so many innovations happening around everyday and the beauty industry is no exception. But never in my dreams did I think of a gadget like this one I am sharing today. Behold girls....a hair brush which smooths out frizz & adds shine whilst it detangles? YES PLEASE! 
Trust Braun to come up with something revolutionary like this! Let's see if this lived upto its claims :)

The brush comes in a sturdy packaging with batteries included, which is really great. The plastic bristles are well spaced out with a cushioned pad. They aren't rough or pokey on the scalp. The good part is that this part of the brush can be detached, making the bristles very easy to clean. (I had totally overlooked this button, until today when I sat down to closely examine the brush :D) 

The back of the brush is where the magic happens. There is a small compartment, which opens with the push of a button from where the ions are released. I won't explain the whole iontech technology but you can know more about how it works Here.
The front main button glows a lovely green indicating that the device is on. The brush does not make any sound, added bonus :)

Coming to the actual point....does it work? To a certain extent, yes it does! 
It took me quite sometime to make up my mind about this one, but over repeated use for about 3 weeks here is what I think : 
  • The brush works only on dry hair
  • My hair feels less frizzy after brushing with this. (I do not have super frizzy hair, but I do have plenty of flyaways and mild frizziness and it works to a certrain extent on that).
  • It does not have much effect on the few broken strands of short hair that tend to pop up near the hair part (you know what I am talking about, right?).
  • It definitely makes my hair a lot smoother and adds a good shine
  • It makes hair softer
  • Reduces static to some extent. 
  • The bristles do not tug or pull the hair, causes no breakage. 
  • Though, the brush feels a bit bulky. It isn't too heavy or anything, but I wish it was designed sleeker. Even so, it can be carried around in a handbag. 
  • This might be in my head, but I feel that the brush makes my hair a bit straighter. (I need to test it out on a few other people to come to a definitive conclusion about this).

I do think that the results might vary depending on your hair type, but overall this brush does make a good difference. Is it a must have? Well, not really. It is not a necessity but the brush makes the hair feel and look a lot better without actually using heat or a whole bunch of products. So, ultimately what's not to like about this? I am loving using this futuristic looking brush :D :) 
You could give people around you heavy hints and get this as a gift...ahem, ahem... ;) ;) ;P 

What do you think of Braun Satin Hair 7 Iontech Brush? Is it something you would like to add in your stash? 

Have you used any electric brush before? Let us know in the comments below! :)

(P.S. I will surely try updating some before-after pics this weekend)

Disclaimer: Press sample. However, the opinions expressed here are our own and honest. 

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