My Current Nail Care Routine

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Over the past few weeks, I have got quite a few mails asking me about my nail care routine. So, I thought it would be best to share a post with you guys here :)

My Current Nail Care Routine, nail care, nail care routine, my nail care routine

Most of you who have seen my previous NOTDs and nail polish swatches would know that I prefer keeping my nails short, more convenient for work with patients you see (except for when I have a long off, where I do grow them a little). I believe that just following a regular routine is good enough and one does not require expensive manicures all the time.
I work on patients and in the lab for over 8 hours everyday. I work with all sorts of materials like plaster and hot water and acrylic. I wash my hands 20 times a day and hand sanitizer every 10 minutes :D Yeah, so by the end of the day my hands look dried up and the cuticles are a mess. 

The last few minutes before I hit the bed is when I take some time out to take care of my digits and here's what I have been using for quite sometime now :

1) Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover
I have been using this for over a year now and it is such a lifesaver. Cutting cuticles is very unhealthy and makes one prone to lots of infections. This is a clear gel which you leave on for 15-30 seconds and it dissolves all the dead skin which you can then easily remove. 
I use this once every 20 days and it really helps in maintaining a clean cuticle area. Love this stuff! (and need to review it soon :P) 

2) The Body Shop Nail Buffing Block
This is a recent addition to my kit. Apart from trimming and filing nails, sometimes I feel that a good buff does wonders to make your nails look all polished. Now, excess buffing does more harm than good. So this baby comes out only perhaps once a month. I have used nail buffers before (like Vega etc) but I finally got my hands on the TBS one and it is so much better! 

My Current Nail Care Routine, nail care, nail care routine, my nail care routine

3) Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
For the first few months of work, my cutilces were taking such a toll that I finally went ahead and invested in this tin. And I am so glad I did. I use this everyday and it just keeps everything in such a good shape. You can read the full review here

4) Hand Cream
A must must thing!! I apply it around 2 times a day. With the number of times I wash my hand, using a good hand cream is an absolute must. If you do not need to wash hands this freqently, then I would advise you to use a good hydrating one at night atleast. A good hand cream really helps a lot. Hand creams are generally more thicker and provide more hydration which helps. 
I totally forgot to click a photo of  mine (it was in my bag)...I do not a staple hand cream yet, as I like trying new ones. Currently I am using the Neutrogena one and one by Organic Surge (expect a review soon). I have used the Fabindia Lemon Hand Cream as well for a really long time and that works well as well. 

5) DIY Cuticle Oil 
I also like making my own cuticle oil at home. It's really nourishing and an affordable way to keep your nails healthy. 
I make it in small batches with usually last a month. 

So, this is my usual nail routine. It is fairly simple and just following it regularly helps a lot in keeping the nails in a good shape. Do try and incorporate whatever you can, follow it for a few weeks and you will notice a good difference as well. 

I hope the post answered most of your questions, but if you have any more, do feel free to mail us or ask away in the comments below :)

Do you follow some nail care too? Share your routine with us! :)

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