Oriflame Nature Secrets Body Sprays - Lavender & Fig, Nettle & Lemon : Review

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Always on the hunt for good deodorants, I recently came across two cute bottles adorning the shelf of a tiny local shop. For a good while now, I've stuck to my darling Nivea and Adidas, but when I took a whiff of these, there was no going back!

I have not seen these variants ever, let alone seeing Oriflame products in a local shop! I'm so happy I spotted these, but who am I kidding? It's hard not to spot them and just pass by. I mean, take a glance at the lovely packaging! It's vibrant and adorable :)

I got myself  2 variants - Lavender & Fig, and Nettle & Lemon. I believe there's also a Rosemary & Blackcurrant one which I can't wait to get my hands on!

These body sprays resemble Nivea deodorants texture-wise , except that the poofs which are released feel drier. Anyone who has used Nivea will agree that after spraying, there is a slight wetness on the underarms, but Oriflame has worked beyond it. With theses, I always get a silky feeling which I prefer more.

Lavender & Fig - OMG, I absolutely love this!! Oh lavender, how I adore thee! This variant is almost empty because I've spritzed it on and on. The lavender fragrance in it is good, and the fig sweetens it slightly. I would say it is quite mellow, and puts me in a mind of wild flowers and orchards :)

Nettle & Lemon - This I simply had to get as it was so so so fresh. It does have a slightly sharp tanginess to it, but it's perfect for days when it gets humid and dull. The summery fragrance of this body spray is all it takes to get me going early in the morning!

They last quite a decent amount of time, and fade slowly. At the end of the day, I can smell it faintly which says a lot, because my perspiration problems are a nightmare.

The bottle size is convenient to carry in my bag, and the cap shuts tightly and isn't flimsy. Overall, I would recommend the Nature Secrets body sprays to everybody. I love it, my friends love it, even the guys around me like it well enough to spare a compliment, or two ;) That was a first, considering I was not wearing perfume!

Price : 199 INR for 150ml (but I got it for 170/- only! Student discount, heeheehee!)

Bye, you all!

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