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Hello everyone! Didn't the weekend go by really quickly this time? I finally got 2 days off and it just flew by! Oh, and Eid Mubarak to everyone! Hope you had a wonderful one :)

Coming to the review now, I am talking about a new brand called Sand for Soapaholics today. Sadly, Lush shut down all stores in India before I could even try the brand. But in it's place, Sand for Soapaholics has come up with equally interesting products! I finally came across their outlet in Garuda Mall last month and could not resist buying a little something! Let's find out how it fared :) 

Sand For Soapaholics review, Sand For Soapaholics Afterglow review

"True to its name, this cleanser will light up your face like no other! Packed with local Lentils (masoor) and rich Almonds, this magical mix will leave your skin feeling supple and fresh. Our Lentil crops come from richest of soils, keeping your skin hydrated for hours. Enhanced by a dash of our golden Jojoba Oil from the deserts of Rajasthan, we take you from dull to delightful in minutes!"

Recommended for:  All skin types/tanned skin
Directions to use: Take a small amount, mix with water and blend into a paste. Massage face for a minute and rinse off with warm water.
Shelf Life: 4 months from date of packing.

Sand For Soapaholics review, Sand For Soapaholics Afterglow review

Ingredients: Every 10gm contains Vegetable Glycerine (32.02%), Masoor Seed Ext. (Lens culinaris) (29.98%), Kaolin (16.54%), Oil blend of Jojoba, Wheatgem Seed (Triticum sativum), Hempseed (Cannabis sativa), Almond Seed (Prunus amygdalus) & Vit E (6.15%), Aloe vera Ext. (4.01%), Almond Seed Ext. (Prunus amygdalus) (4.01%), Honey Liq. (4.01%), Turmeric Ext. (Curcuma longa) (1.64%), Ylang Ylang Ess.Oil (0.82%) 

The product comes in a small plastic tub packaging with a screw cap. The product name and other details are stuck on the tub. The packaging is not very attractive, but on the plus side, you can reuse the tub while travelling etc once the product gets over. 

Sand For Soapaholics review, Sand For Soapaholics Afterglow review

The cleanser is super thick paste and has coarse granules. Mixed with water it, the consistency is quite fine to be spread and used. You don't need too much of the product and a small tub will last you approximately 15 days easily.
Since this brand had all natural products, I was super excited! You kow how much I love the good old kitchen beauty hacks. To start with I bought a small quatity (30g) of the product to see how it fared on me.

You know how sometimes you are super happy and excited for a product and it just doesn't work for you? This is what precisely happened with me and After Glow. To begin with I detest the smell of the product. It may be all natural but it smelled quite artificial to me somehow. Also the fragrance is very very strong, so make sure you sniff this before buying (which alas! I did not).
I tried the cleanser for a week on me and it did nothing for my skin. I feel more refreshed and clean by using a normal facewash or plain old besan and turmeric. It broke me out quite a bit too :(
I had to finish the product by using it on my hands and feet later.

Sand For Soapaholics review, Sand For Soapaholics Afterglow review

Price : 213 INR for 30g
            355 INR for 50 g
            710 INR for 100g 

Will I repurchase this?
Absolutely not! I have a tough time managing breakouts and I am very afraid to give this another shot. I am happier going back and raiding the kitchen and using homemade stuff. 
It might be possible that it just didn't suit me, because I read some good reviews online. So if you are a fan of natural products you might want to go check out their website and stores. They do have some interseting products but I think I am going to stay away from the brand for a while now. 

Have you tried Sand for Soapaholics yet? Any product of theirs that you like? Let us know in the comments below :)

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