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Alex Kroll, very eloquently puts it “Getting ideas is a bit like shaving, if you don’t do it every day, You’re a Bum.” The more that is said the less it suffices to emphasize the importance of a great shaving cream. It does help one start their day after all. 

Ustraa, a flagship brand of the e-commerce venture Happily Unmarried might have just figured out the sweet spot between nostalgia, everyday luxury and essential male grooming.
Male grooming is a fairly new and upcoming concept to the Indian male, one which is being rapidly 
adopted and adapted to. 

Ustraa Shaving Cream, Ustraa Shaving Cream review

Being an e-commerce venture primarily, let’s first take a look at the marketing and presentation of Ustraa. The website has cracked the genre of cool and classy and doesn’t come across as just another brand in that space. From the images to the taglines used – “Not tested on animals, only on Rascals”, is a winner for me and appeals to the young risk takers. They’ve made a successful campaign by bringing in the retro feel from the online presentation to the product packaging itself.

I ordered the shaving cream on my first visit to the website, which in itself a testimonial to their appeal. Offered in 100 gms, the gel comes in a stout strong plastic bottle which has a very 90’s feel to it. 

Brain Freeze is a spearmint flavored gel, not overpowering in its aroma and does its job very well. That being said the spearmint bubble gum aroma might put off some of its target audience and they have 2 other versions of the shaving gel to opt for. 

Unlike other similar products in the market, laced with a spearmint bubblegum aroma, this does not 
leave the skin dry and flaky and in need of heavy dollops of moisturizers. It leaves you feeling refreshed and cool well after the mission’s been accomplished.

Priced at Rs.250/- for a 100 gm bottle this is definitely on the higher end, but that being said, since this a gel formulation rather than the usual foam based ones widely available, this product is definitely worth the money and it also does last longer.

What do you think of Ustraa? Are you willing to try it out?

P.S. Girls...I think this would be a fab gifting option too! Would't it? 

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