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There are so many different spot fighting products available in the market now that most times it can get a super confusing and a bit overwhelming. For a person like me, who has been fighting blemishes and acne most of her life (and I still do), I have tried most products that claim to make those zits go away. Let's be honest now, most of them just don't work.

I have been having absolutely terrible breakouts off late and have been trying a lot of things to get it under control. I still haven't been able to figure out why I am breaking out so badly, but a few products have helped me keep things under some control. One of them is "Dream Dots"

Dream Dots, Dream Dots review, Dream Dots india

Dream Dots and basically small overnight treatment patches for breakouts. You can read more about them HERE.

"A Dream Dot isn't simply a sticker- it's a unique super absorbent cross-linked hydro matrix patch. It targets spots and breakouts overnight using no harsh ingredients, yet gives dramatically effective results. With a 100% waterproof, breathable, satin-smooth, wafer-thin surface, it acts seamlessly as a second skin, conforming to any contour of the face. On contact with the spot, the patented core locks in and absorbs the spot exudate. A moist healing environment is formed, maintaining ideal pH balance, temperature and hydration levels while sealing in repair factors, which leads to faster healing. Pain is reduced as nerve endings are cushioned and protected in this moist condition. The patch swells and turns white overnight as it absorbs exudate giving a visible reduction in redness and inflammation when removed in the morning". 

Dream Dots, Dream Dots review, Dream Dots india

The pack contains 24 dots and an instruction booklet on how to use them plus how the patch works.

I use it after cleansing and drying my skin as instructed. I have used it overnight and since I work in a super dusty environment, I figured it will protect the breakout from all the dust and grime, and I have used it during the day too (though it does look a bit funny....but I am more concerned about the pimple going away and rather take a few laughs).

Dream Dots, Dream Dots review, Dream Dots india

I have to admit, I did not have high expectations from this one (there are no active ingredients mentioned), but it did surprise me a lot. Firstly, the patches stick on very well and don't slide off anywhere. They are very thin and light, you can just stick one on and forget about it completely. The dots do go white where the spots are and the center swells up a bit after a few hours.

Dream Dots, Dream Dots review, Dream Dots india

Coming to the effectiveness, it completely hides the redness of those nasty sore spots.
It definitely decreases the size and inflammation of the spot to a huge extent, even with one use. Which in turn also reduces the pain. One patch will be effective on a tiny spot, but you defintely need to these patches for 2-3 nights on the regular-bigger breakouts.

I had a really huge red inflamed breakout recently, you know the ones that are completely red and don't have a head? I used the Dot on it for 2 days and everytime I peeled it off, it would remove a white head sort of a thing along with it, which wasn't present initially.I don't know what to make of it, but ultimately it helped with the breakout a lot. 

Dream Dots, Dream Dots review, Dream Dots india

The cons? 
Well, even though the patches are very thin and translucent, they are pretty visible on our Indian skin tones, so if you like me, will wear it during the day too...be prepared for getting a some questions!
And ofcourse, like most of the good products, this too isn't available in India.
(though if you know of any place that stocks these, please let me know asap!)

Price : £11.95 for 1 pack

Overall, I think one of the main advantages of using these patches, is that the spot is completely protected from any dirt or irritation, you won't pick on it or pop the spot. This isn't a miracle treatment, it takes it's time but it sure does help. You can surely give it a try.
In the meantime? Keep hoping that someone develops something that zaps those zits right away. Come on science!! :D 

What are your favourite spot treatments? Any suggestions? Have you tried Dream Dots before? 

Disclaimer: PR sample. However, the opinions expressed here are our own and honest. 

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