Revlon Colorburst Matte Lip Balm, Sultry : Review & Swatches

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Have you ever been hooked onto a lip color for so long, you wore it through an entire season? It's justified I say, and when you'll look at the beauty showcased below, I'm sure you'll agree whole-heartedly!

Revlon's Colorburst Matte lip balms are stale news for makeup junkies, but the shades they come in are anything but old-school. This was my second lip crayon, a gift from Swati on my birthday, for I had seen a youtuber wearing Sultry and could NOT stop obsessing over it!

So even though you've probably seen it, heard of it, purchased it, and the matte lip balms are ancient... they deserve a place on the blog, because Sultry was the only shade I reached for this ENTIRE winter! Am I smitten or what?! :D

The twist up packaging is smooth and convenient to use, without product wastage. The cap fits tightly enough, and the silver end is rotatable. Texture-wise, the balm is velvety smooth and pigmented with a slight mint scent. Upon application, it tingles very mildly, and settles down quickly to a satin matte finish.

Even though the lip balm looks matte, it does not dry out the lips at all, neither does it flake. However, it does settle down into the lip lines gradually, which creates a bit of a problem as my lips naturally have a lot of lines. A light layer of balm on top blurs this out.

Coming to the shade.. OH MY GOD, I do not know how I didn't buy this before! Sultry is the most gorgeous dusty rose with hints of plumminess. That's the best I can describe it, because it looks slightly different depending on your complexion. Fairer skin pulls out the plum, while the more common Indian wheatish skin tone brings out its pink tones. I'd recommend this to anyone without hesitation, and if you're a matte lover, you definitely need to own Sultry! Drool over the swatches now ^_^

I faced some fading issues after 4 hours of wear, but you can easily reapply and take care of this. Other than that, no complaints! I love Sultry to the moon and back!! *_*

Price : 890 INR for 2.7g


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