The Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus Perfume Oil : Review

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What if you could bottle an exotic summer adventure, one of sparkling freshness and cool calmness? This summer is surely set to be sizzling, but Fijian Water Lotus offers the perfect route to escape into a tropical dream. Come, embark on this olfactory journey with me!

The cute glass bottle contains a light perfume oil which is alcohol free. The lid has a slightly flexible plastic applicator attached to the inside which does a decent job of applying the oil. The bottle being transparent allows you to see how much of the oil is left. A tag is the only identifying feature of the perfume because the bottle itself does not carry the name of the fragrance range.
All the other products in the Fijian Water Lotus family contain 100% Organic Community Fair Trade alcohol from Cotopaxi, Ecuador.

The perfume oil is a gentle and refreshing blend of citrusy mandarin and oceanic aromas paving the way for the star of the series, Water Lotus, a heady note that brings images of secret tropical gardens to mind. The scent of Frangipani then breezes in, and the floral bouquet is completed by accords of Damascus rose and Litsea cubeba leaves at its heart.

I have always been drawn in by aquatic notes, inspired by Nature's noblest, serenest element. Layered over the exotic scent of Lotus, the Fijian Perfume Oil encompasses undeniable freshness and vitality and is sure to make my Summer sparkle! The fragrance is fairly unisex in terms of marine-citrusy notes, but do try it out at the store because perfumes react differently to different individuals' body chemistry, and you don't want your guy to smell like lotuses :P

Sillage with this oil is low, even when freshly applied. The longevity however, won me over because it stays and stays! It sits close to the skin, making Fijian Water Lotus a perfume which is not over-powering, but enough to linger as a memory in the appreciator's mind.
The oil can also be mixed into unscented lotions, or as a drop in water to give your hair a final fragrant rinse (it's free of alcohol, so it will not damage your hair).

Overall, the Water Lotus perfume oil is suited for day wear in a casual environment, when the rising mercury provides the perfect backdrop to its relaxing and fresh fragrant notes.

If floral greens are more your type, do check out Reefresh by Reebok which too has citrus-aquatic top notes, but differs in its dry down being warmer with hints of spice. In contrast, Fijian Water Lotus evolves in a linear fashion, remaining tropical and aquatic all throughout.
Jet Femme by Avon is also another option, an exotic cocktail of fruity-florals in a base of wood amber and musk.

Price : 895 INR for 15 ml

I'm currently loving this one by TBS, and might just add the Atlas Mountain Rose perfume oil to my collection for the winter! I haven't sampled it so I need suggestions! Have you tried it?

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