L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Oil : Review

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I honestly do not know how so many amazing products are not launched in India, and how I would live without discovering them online! Have you taken a look at the international websites of brands which are well-known on our soil? It'll break your heart, I tell you -_- Why our markets are among the last to receive the next-best-thing these companies churn out is beyond me!

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Oil review, L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Oil india

I happened to come across this product on Nykaa, and it seemed like a new release to me, but it was so surprised to not find any reviews of it online! Not even a press notification! After spending an hour debating whether to buy it or not, reasoning with myself about its authenticity, I decided to just take the plunge and try it out. And that's how this Boosting Oil landed on my door-step, the unpacking of which left me super frustrated because.. uh-oh, no English description/instuctions in sight! Good heavens, I had spent the better part of my monthly savings on a product I didn't even know how/where/when to use!

But use it I did, and to tell you the truth... I'm blown away :) *Victory dance*
This Boosting Oil is, I discovered, a universal oil elixir.

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Oil review, L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Oil india

The information available on Nykaa describes it as a refined blend of 3 extraordinary oils
  • Desert Nut Oil - provides deep nourishment
  • Geranium Essential Oil - replumps layer by layer
  • Rosa Canina Fruit Oil - illuminates inside out. (Rosehip oil)
Use this luxurious replenishing elixir to indulge your skin and transform its touch. The ultra-delicate essential oil blend richly nourishes the skin with moisture and returns to it its healthy glow.
Immediately, the skin is moisturised, feels deeply nourished, and more elastic. Day after day, overall skin quality looks transformed and glowing.

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Oil review, L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Oil india

How to use :
  • 3 drops in the morning - spread it on your entire face, use quick pressure with the tips of your fingers. The oil feels luxurious on the skin and gives a radiant glow.
  • Under day cream - this leaves your skin intensely nourished and takes care of any dry zones. The barrier function is strengthened and it prevents your skin from drying out.
  • As a nightly massage - spread 4 or 5 drops over your palms and apply with gentle pressure on your forehead, cheeks, and the neck. Alone, or under a restorative night cream, the oil can become a part of a luxurious nightly ritual. Skin feels cashmere soft and cocooned in comfort.

L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Oil review, L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Boosting Oil india

My experience with this oil has been everything claimed above, and more! You can use it alone on your skin, mix it with your favorite products to add a dose of extra nourishment, or as a serum on your hair - works every way.

With all the rush in the morning, I hardly get time to follow an elaborate skin care routine then. So, I made this a part of my nightly regimen. The most incredible part of this oil is how well it spreads and sinks into the skin. I honestly need just 4 drops to cover my face and it works wonders. The design of the dropper is also unique, with a bulb at the end which dispenses exactly equal sized drops each time. This is absolutely no chance of product wastage, and you can make this precious bottle last a really long time.

The immediate result is an unmistakable healthy glow. The texture of the oil is such that it does not look greasy, neither does it leave dry patches. It's like water with just the right amount of oil that balances your skin out and gives an adequately moisturised finish. My skin instantly feels nourished and soft.

I have been using this elixir for 4 months now and I can definitely state that it has helped me get brighter and clearer skin. my skin has also started to retain that glow and I love this product for healing my skin in such a way. Constant sun exposure had made it so dull but now it feels renewed, like baby skin! I think we've all had such products which make your skin look awesome but all that goodness is gone the moment you wash your face, so in the morning, the mirror becomes a jarring reminder of reality. But I swear, the Extraordinary Oil will make you do happy dances! I cannot stop admiring my skin!! It's smooth and soft and just so healthy!

Also, the oil has such a heavenly fragrance, so relaxing. It's pure indulgence in just 4 drops. The delicate floral-herbal scent will transform your entire skin care routine into one that feels like a luxurious treat! At night, I layer the Hydrafresh Mask-in-Lotion over this, and each morning my skin has a plump, hydrated and glowing finish which does not fade! I'm telling you girls, this is one of the best oils available in the market right now. Don't fret if you have oily skin, as the elixir has the most light weight texture and will actually help to re-balance your skin from inside out.

I have tried the Clarins Lotus Oil in the past, and although that too gave results which exceeded my expectations, I feel this variant by L'Oreal is a much more affordable option that delivers its claims 100%.

Price : 1550 INR for 30 ml (get it online at discounted rates)

Go get it. NOW!!!


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