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Hello all! Hope you are having a good Monday. Today, I am writing about one of my most loved products. The Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil. I am a huge advocate of it and have convinced quite a few others to try it too, and most of them have loved it as well. If I were to recommend one skincare product, it would be facial oils!

I have oily-combination skin and I never used to put anything on my face for a long time, even moisturizers. So, the thought of trying out an oil on my skin was sounded super crazy to me. But, I always battle acne on and off and I just wanted to give the Lotus Treatment Oil a try. After finishing a 2ml sample, I was so amazed that picked up the full size the very next day!

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil review,

It comes in a heavy glass bottle with a dropper. The bottle itself looks simple but quite luxurios. On the downside, you can't risk travelling with it, so it is always a good idea to take a small quantity in a tiny bottle when you are on the go. As you can see, the
oil has a yellow tinge and a very nice relaxing fragrance.

This oil is neither too thick, nor super runny. (It is thicker than the Kiehls MRC). I take 2-3 drops, warm it up a little on my finger tips and pat it on damp skin (I like using the Kama Ayurvdea Rose Water, which is another all time favourite, to dampen the face). It absorbs in a few mintues and does not feel greasy or heavy. Since you need just a couple of drops, the bottle will last you a long long long time. ( I have hardly finished 30% of the bottle!).

When I started out with this oil, I used it at night everyday for about 2 months. Now that it my skin has almost got back to its normal condition, I like using it 2-3 times a week (or as and when I think my skin could do with a little help). Since I have oily skin, I do not use any night cream over it. The oil is good enough on its own for me.

Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil review,

The one thing I have noticed and loved about the Lotus Treatment Oil is that it has made my skin more balanced. The T zone isn't as oily as it used to be anymore (I do not wake up with oil patches in the morning), the dry patches aren't tight and flaky. It has defintely made my skin balanced and improved the overall texture.
It feels softer and more nourished. It has also controlled breakouts to an extent and has given a nice glow with consistent use.

Price: 2600 INR for 30ml

I would absolutely recommend you to go and try the Clarins Face Treatment Oils. They come in 3 variants - for (Lotus) oily skin, (Santal) dry skin and (Blue Orchid) dehydrated skin. The Lotus Treatment Oil might not work miracles, on curing acne and the marks, but it will definitely make your skin more balanced. It has worked incredibly well for me, and Isuggest you try out a sample first before investing in a full bottle. 

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