Cleaning my Makeup Brushes

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After having had to battle acne a few months back, I have become a bit OCD when it comes to makeup cleanliness. Not that I wasn't concerned about it before, just that getting a new breakout ever 3 days made me keep my brushes in a squeaky clean condition. It was a preventive measure, just to make sure that they were not triggering the acne and now I have just got into the routine. 

Cleaning my Makeup Brushes, how i clean makeup brushes

As you might have already seen in the picture above, I use 2 products : A baby wash/shampoo and the Brush Egg.

I have already sung praises about the Brush Egg here. I have been using the Johnson's Baby Top-to-Toe Wash for a long time now and I have no complaints. It is mild, cleanses well and hasn't damaged my brushes so far. I do want to try out solid brush cleansers though. *soon*

I start off by wetting the bristles a little, making sure you always hold the brush faced down. This prevents water from entering the ferrule and avoiding the glue from breaking = Longer Life for your Brushes!
Dispense a little shampoo on the brush egg, move your brush in circular motions until you see the product breakdown. The ridges on the brush egg fasten up this process a lot, it was a bit tough swirling the brush on my palm to be honest.
I next rinse the brush, again facing down, throughly, multiple times, until the water runs crystal clear. I blot the excess water using tissue and then lay them flat on a clean towel to dry overnight. Don't leave them standing as the water will damage the brush.

If you use your brushes everyday, I suggest you deep cleanse them every 2 weeks atleast, and it would be handy to keep a makeup brush cleanser for a quick clean between uses.

How do you clean your brushes? What are your favourite brush cleansing brushes?

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