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Over the past few months, I have really started to grow my brush collection. And with that, came the ever tedious task to keep them clean all time. Let's face it, nobody wants an abundance of bacterial flora building up on those beautiful bristles! I especially, went through a very bad phase of acne so as an aftermath, my OCD with cleanliness hit new heights.

I know that only the thought of meticulously scrubbing each brush clean is daunting, and honestly, a little boring too. But being scared for my skin, I pushed myself to do it anyway. And then a while back when I spotted this little tool, I just had to pick it up!

I have a Brush Egg!

Washing brushes is now fun, and done with in a jiffy! Needless to say, I'm quite quite happy :D

Brush Egg, Brush Egg review, Brush Egg review india

Of course other options would be to invest in the Sigma Brush cleaning glove or the Real Techniques Mat, but why does anyone need to spend that much money on such a thing...unless you are a makeup artist and have an arsenal of a thousand brushes. For me, this handy silicone egg gets the job done, and does it not look soooo keeeee-ute?!

Brush Egg, Brush Egg review, Brush Egg review india

The brush egg is compact, easy to use, effective, can be used with the cleanser/soap of your choice and quite affordable.

There, that's the review done in a single line! But for the sake of some more details, I will talk a bit more about it.

Brush Egg, Brush Egg review, Brush Egg review india

It is made of silicone, the textured surface with ridges and grooves helps break down the build up, and deep cleans the brushes effectively and super quickly. For all those who find brush cleaning a massive chore, this is your answer to get it done with ease. Just insert two fingers into it, squirt some cleanser on the surface, swirl your brush around a few times on it and proceed to rinse well. The smaller knobs on top are perfect for smaller eye brushes. Plus, it doesn't occupy too much space and is small enough to be carried while travelling too.

I used to use my palm earlier, repeating the process with each brush a couple of times. And while that did clean the brushes, it took quite sometime and I always had a nagging feeling that my brushes were never deeply cleansed. You know what happens with the hidden grime then....acne!

I really love how this little tool has made a massive difference to the whole process. Brushes now have a squeaky clean feel = Less breakouts = Me Happy! :)

Brush Egg, Brush Egg review, Brush Egg review india

Brush Egg, Brush Egg review, Brush Egg review india

Price : 250-300 INR (approximately)I bought mine from Amazon here.

It is pretty obvious how much I love this tool isn't it? Now, I don't know if this thing is branded or not, and frankly I don't care. It's a whiz at making my job easier and now I can't imagine a brush cleaning session without it! I highly recommend you get yourself one (if you don't have the cleaning gloves/mats yet).

So, will you try the Brush Egg out?


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