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I love The Body Shop for its bath products! The shower gels, body scrubs I love them all. But apart from all those, there is this one particular thing I cannot imagine my bath kit without. The Body Shop Bath Gloves! Ah, bath gloves...what a genius invention! Put these on and you are good to go to exfoliation la-la land :D 

And though they are an intergral part of my Winter bath essentials (read here), I actually cannot imagine even the other seasons without them. 

The Body Shop Bath Gloves review, Exfoliating bath gloves review

I first came across these around 3 years back, that time I had purchased the purple ones. This time around I went for green. These are available in many different colors, so you can take your pick :)

These bath gloves increase the lather of your body wash and whisk away dead skin cells.
• Remove dead skin cells
• Increase the lather of your body wash
• Leave skin feeling softer and smoother.
Elasticated and woven nylon material
How to Use :
  • Pour a small amount of body wash onto the glove and rub over the body in circular movements.
  • For extra exfoliation, use with a scrub from The Body Shop Bath & Shower range.
  • Use two to three times a week for maximum effect.
  • Regular exfoliating and massaging can help tone and firm the skin.
  • Rinse after use and hang to dry.
The Body Shop Bath Gloves review, Exfoliating bath gloves review

The gloves come in 1 size, but stretches quite a bit to fit your hand. You can use them with anything... soap, plain shower gels, body scrubs...they get the job done effectively! I find that using these gloves along with a shower gel is sufficient. No more being lazy excuses... :P

The gloves are super useful in reaching difficult areas and in getting rid of ingrown hairs too. I use these about twice a week and I have never found them to be too harsh/abrasive on the skin. These gloves just simplify the whole exfoliation step don't they?
I would suggest you to wash the gloves after every use and hand them to dip-dry properly.

Price : 350 INR 

I know that these are way more price-y than the local ones or even the Forever 21 and QVS ones, but these are much better in quality and less abrasive compared to them. Definitely get yourself a pair of exfoliating bath gloves!


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