L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser x3 Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream : Review

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If you'll ask my mom about her skincare favourites, I can pretty much guarantee that this eye cream will be ranked quite high on the list. As her skin matures, I have seen her become more conscious of its appearance, and stricter with following a regimen. She has adhered to using the Revitalift range, as I've mentioned in earlier posts, it did show appreciable results on her skin. This transforming eye cream is no exception, although it did take a few tubes of usage to finally get a thumbs up!

Here's what the company has to say...

One of the very best features of this eye cream is that it comes in a slim tube. I personally do not like pots or jars of eye creams because of the hygiene factor, and eyes are sensitive organs! Maybe that's the medico in me freaking out, but I'm so glad I do not have to worry about my mother getting her eyes irritated :)

It has a metal applicator, much like the Shiso Brightening Eye Cream by TBS, but more tapered. The metal tip stays refreshingly cool and serves a dual purpose. While helping to constrict the capillaries in your under-eye area, it also feels luxurious to massage with, thus promoting micro circulation.
The consistency of the cream is silky smooth. It sinks into the skin and hydrates it very well so that it no longer looks as crepe-y. It's light enough to use under makeup too.

The eye cream has a very slight scent, although the package mentions that the product is fragrance free, so it must be some ingredient's inherent smell. Fragrance free products are always better for your skin, especially sensitive skin. The under eye area is an extremely delicate portion, which needs extra care from you, so make sure to know what you put on it!

As for all the claims, with regular use I have seen a whopping change in the way my mother's skin looks. The fine lines and crow's feet have visibly reduced and the under eye area looks hydrated and plumper. The texture of the skin seems more refined and definitely youthful. My mom too has felt the difference and I'm sure she'll bawl like a baby if this eye cream is ever discontinued!

I genuinely feel that this eye cream is a product worth investing in. I know of much higher priced tubes and pots that flood our markets, but this is a tried-and-tested thing that I've seen working wonders. My mother has been using this for not less than 2 years now, and she shows no signs of straying from it at all! That is one happy woman!

Price : 1045 INR for 15ml available here

If you're young, and looking for something to simply hydrate and keep your under eye skin supple, this light gel by Forest Essentials is a product worth investing in. Do check it out!

After seeing how much my mother has benefitted from using the Revitalift range, I genuinely recommend it. Even though some may argue that the products are full of chemicals, there are times when your skin needs an intensive boost. I'm all for going down the herbal path, but it's important to understand that natural remedies take a long while to show their effects.
I suggest you analyze your skin and decide if it needs intensive care. Repair it to a certain extent, and then switch to natural products to maintain the goodness :)

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