Bioderma Sensibo Micellar Cleansing Water : Review

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The whole world was raving about Micellar waters since a few years now. Me being me, naturally had to take my time to try and test one out. You see, there is not point in buying things unless you really need them sometimes. 

Why then did I finally get a bottle of the Bioderma Sensibo H2O? Breakouts. Terrible terrible breakouts. This was about 6-8 months back and I resorted to all means to fix the problem. Apart from correcting and changing my skincare produtcs a bit, I also paid special attention to my cleansing routine (which I wasn't very bothered with before).

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You see, eariler a simple face wash would suffice. But with the breakouts, came layering quite a bit of concealer everytime I stepped out. Which meant I needed something effective to take all of that once back home. And so, the time to try out micellar waters was perfect. India, sadly doesn't have many options as far as micellar waters go and I went for the most popular one. Bioderma.

"Gently cleanse your sensitive, normal to dry skin with the Bioderma Sensibio H2O, an ultra-mild, non-rinse micellar water cleanser and make-up remover. Created to suit the needs of those who experience skin irritation and redness, the alcohol-free formula soothes and cools as it cleanses. Sensibio H2O guarantees cutaneous and ocular tolerance for the skin and the eyes with its physiological pH and soap-free base.
The cleanser removes impurities using micelles, which micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the skin’s balance. Added decongesting active ingredients prevent irritation, making the skin feel instantly refreshed, perfectly clean and free from all make-up – including water resistant mascara.
Use twice daily, in the morning and in the evening. Soak a cotton pad with the Sensibio H2O solution, and cleanse the face and eyes. Repeat with more cotton pads until they come away clean. The solution is no-rinse, but you should gently dab your face with a clean towel after use.
The Bioderma Sensibio H2O micelle water is fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and contains no phenoxyethanol". 
Bioderma Sensibo Micellar Cleansing Water review, Bioderma micellar water india, Bioderma micellar water review, best micellar water india

The packaging is simple, clear plastic bottle with a flip top cap. It is spill proof. The product is a clear water like solution. I use a cotton pad soaked with the micellar water. It is quite effective in removing face/base makeup (I go over the face twice, with a fresh cotton pad each time), though it doesn't work that well with waterproof/eye makeup. Do not expect it to remove waterproof mascara, long lasting kohl and liners completely.  It does not leave any sticky residue behind. 

Even though, it is said that cleansing with the micellar water is enough, I do like using a face wash after this, just to make sure that every last bit of makeup & the surfactant from the micellar water is removed

**Keep in mind that my normal makeup routine is kept very light. If you like applying heavier makeup, this alone might not be enough. I suggest you go for a cleansing balm/oil in that case. Or you might need to go in with multiple cotton pads with the micellar water.

Price : 395 INR for 100 ml ;  990 INR for 250 ml ; 1695 INR for 500 ml ( available HERE )

It is a good product to incorporate in your routine for removing light face makeup. It is mild, does not cause any irritation nor does it dry out the skin. It surely makes life easier but please keep in mind to wash your face with a facewash/cleanser even after using this for a thorough cleanse.
I like it quite a lot and it is probably the best micellar water in the market. Already on my 2nd bottle! :)

*Update January 2021 : Still love it!

Have you used Micellar Waters before? Which is your favourite one?  Also, do tell us about the products you like using in your cleansing routine :)


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