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by Bitan Nath

I have never had a massage done, probably due to my leanings towards the stoic philosophy, or how you’re just supposed to grit your teeth and get on with it. Back aches, not a problem, grit your teeth and get on with it. Leg aches, not a problem, grit your teeth and get on with it. Headaches, not a problem, you get the picture by now. So, I honestly decided to turn down the spa offer that came my way this weekend! There you go, blog over, get back to your Lacto Calamine now. 

No wait, things are rarely that simple here in Curios and Dreams land. Swati soon somehow managed to convince me to give it a shot (by persistently nagging me, as most women tend to do in order to achieve anything).

Body Raaga Spa review, Body Raaga Spa bangalore review

So, given that Swati was running the show, I tagged along for what promised to be an interesting ride. We landed up at Aloft Hotels, at Whitefield, at the Body Raaga spa, in order to get a first class spa treatment done. This, in particular was the whole nine yards - there was a chocolate scrub, a chocolate wrap .... free chocolates on the side and some hot chocolate too...Okay maybe the last two were a figment of my imagination, but this was enough to pique my curiosity. The place itself was clean and well lit, with attentive and welcoming staff, who made me feel at home almost immediately.

Body Raaga Spa review, Body Raaga Spa bangalore review

To start off with, my feet were scrubbed, and the lady quite bemusedly asked if I was being tickled too much. There seemed to be a bit of a twinkle in her eyes, and I smiled and replied that I was good, while trying to stifle the laughter forming in my belly because of the tickling. The massage room had excellent ambient lighting, and disposable underwear, along with towels and some water. I was offered juice or tea, but decided to get on with it. Stoic, you see. 
The introductory massage, yeah, me getting introduced to my masseuse, was light, and limbered me up for the grind to follow. All the while, my masseuse was very polite and attentive, and ensured that the exact right amount of pressure was being applied. I have stiff joints, and very non flexible tendons, and these were duly worked around by my masseuse.
But well, the introductory massage was quite… introductory. 

Body Raaga Spa review, Body Raaga Spa bangalore review

Eventually, we moved on to the scrubbing section of the program. And what a good scrub it was! From head to toe, covered in chocolate, while my masseuse laboured on trying to exfoliate the next square inch of skin. It was quite calming, and eventually I fell asleep, only to be woken by gentle nudges, asking me to get into the shower, and wash myself so that I could be wrapped in chocolate. There wasn’t any steam treatment as a part of this, and that was probably the only thing missing in a decidedly chocolatey evening.

Body Raaga Spa review, Body Raaga Spa bangalore review

The body wrap was a chocolate butter followed by my body being ensconced in sheets of thin film, almost mummifying me in chocolate. Not a bad way to be mummified if you ask me. Once I had allowed the chocolate to seep within me, I was asked to rinse off, given some fresh towels, and ended up dressing up to head back out and get on with it. Stoicism, for the win, you see. 

I ended up feeling a lot more relaxed than I had any right to be. Excellent.

Welcome and Décor: A nice spa experience, with attentive staff and good ambience.
Comfort: A little cramped, but good facilities overall

Hygiene: Fresh towels, underwear, and covering all the basic necessities

So that's all for now. For someone who had his first spa experience, this one was quite pleasant.
For more details on the actual process, stay tuned for Swati's review! 

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